[Original] The girl we chased together that year-Zhou Liqun (Marketing Center)



What is youth?

Youth is to like you, just like you when you are young.

Last night, I watched those years again. The girl we chased together lost sleep and listened to the song "Those Years" until dawn.

This is the true story of Nine Dao (Ke Jingteng). He cried when he finished writing this novel. He also finished the movie after many difficulties. He said: I bought a car and a house, but from now on I can finally say that the most expensive thing I have bought is a dream. My film is not discounted, because my youth is not discounted.

In fact, this is a very simple youth small fresh story. It has no unexpected plot, no romantic romance, just a naive boy's silly persistence to a beautiful girl, and this persistence is so simple and naive. That is, such childishness, let us unconsciously, from the cruel reality that no longer childish can not be childish, with his persistence into another parallel time and space.

His parallel space-time stores the most beautiful years we have ever had. When the stories of those years that have long been away reach our hearts again, we will not look at them as "good" or "bad". Just like this youth documentary, it is not only the youth of nine knives, the youth of Ke Jingteng and the youth of Shen Jiayi, it is also the youth of you and everyone of me.

Why can stories about youth move me and lose sleep. Perhaps we all need to keep looking back at the best place in our hearts on the road of life, so that we can still have the right to simple happiness and freedom in the increasingly cruel reality.

At that time, we didn't even know the inner scenery that we would often think of in the future. Only when we saw the story of the nine knives would remind us of our own story, did I begin to count the past events that were light in the clouds and light in the wind, and flowers fell all over the place. I had been quietly accompanying in my heart. Just like those who have loved, as well as their youth, they have never disappeared, and they continue to stay in the usual time and space and depend on each other.

We have more than we feel.

Shen Jiayi: Thank you for liking me.

Ke Jingteng: I also like the one who liked you.

This is the best footnote of those years. I believe that no matter how many years later, we will still deeply miss the self in our youth who is paranoid and righteous to love, romance and childishness. If you have spent many years to love a person, no matter what the result is, you can definitely become a better self when you love her (her). Also because of a person's desperate efforts, will be more determined to love yourself.

Love has willpower. Nine knives said. If there is love, there is infinite possibility of life. Also because of this kind of love, the sentence that Ke Jingteng remembered in his mind at that girl's wedding will become the best memorial to youth.

"I was wrong. It turns out that when you really, really like a girl, when she is hurt and loved, you will sincerely bless her and be happy forever."

Although when the girl we chased together got married, our youth came to an end.

But when Ke Jingteng kissed the groom first at Shen Jiayi's wedding because the groom offered to kiss the bride, Shen Jiayi finally understood what he meant to her without saying anything. She was his beautiful first love and his eternal youth. Without these unrepentant youthful love, there would be no more love for them later.

But those years of loving and being loved so much will bring the warmth and thickness of emotion to become the most beautiful background color to protect each other's lives.

is like Xu Zhimo and Lin Huiyin.

Youth is not discounted and flies.

In those years, our youth sparkled.

seal up those stories, with the best wishes to each other, with a deeper understanding of love, we laugh at the warm and cold life.

Maybe this story is just the resonance of "post-adolescent" people like us, and maybe we will hear the news that she (he) is going to get married soon. Just as he blessed her.