"Sweet Tanabata" employee birthday party



In order to enhance the cohesion of the company's team, increase the sense of belonging of employees, promote the construction of the company's corporate culture, form a good corporate centripetal force and cohesion, promote the understanding and communication of employees, and let each employee truly feel the warmth of the Lijiexun family, the corporate culture activity planning group, in conjunction with the company's trade union and administrative department, held an employee birthday party with the theme of "Sweet Tanabata, it is also an honor to invite Mr. Le Yunyan, the company's quality director, to be the guest of honor to celebrate the birthday of employees in July and August.

At 6: 00 pm on August 21, with the beautiful and cheerful music, more than a dozen people were invited to attend the birthday Party and gathered in the VIP reception room on the second floor of the canteen. This activity consists of three links: leaders sending blessings, interesting activities and blowing candles to eat cakes.

First of all, Director Le sent the most sincere wishes to the birthday girls on the scene and thanked all the birthday girls for their contributions to the company. Director Music of

finished his speech and entered the interesting activities of the birthday party.

Next, enter the important part of the birthday party: make a wish, blow candles and eat cake.

Finally, the focused lens left the figures of the birthday party's birthday party, and the group photo drew a perfect end to the birthday party. The cheerful smiling faces of employees and friends on the camera are exactly the warm picture of the company building a caring home of Lijiexun.

The successful holding of this employee birthday party is the beginning of the company's birthday party activities, and it is also the beginning of the company's commitment to enriching employees' spare time life and caring for employees more. I believe that in the next few days, with the joint efforts of all employees of Lijiexun, we will definitely create a working atmosphere of unity, cooperation, harmony, positive and full of fighting spirit for the company, so that Lijiexun will be more brilliant in the years to come.