[Original] The Greatest Retrograde-Zhang Aiqin, Finance Department



[Original] The Greatest Retrograde-Zhang Aiqin, Finance Department

At around 23:30 on August 12, 2015, an explosion occurred at a container terminal at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Yuejin Road in Tianjin Binhai New Area. The explosion occurred in the flammable and explosive materials in the container. The scene was blazed into the sky, a disaster came to Tanggu, Tianjin, a mushroom cloud rose in the sky, and many lives left at this moment.

The mass group always pays attention to the latest developments. At the same time, such a group of heroes also make us pay close attention and worry. They are disaster relief heroes-our firemen.

is responsible for the mission of fire fighting and saving people. They arrived at the front line of disaster relief at the first time. On the way of life and death, they went forward without hesitation. During the fire fighting process, there was an explosion. None of the first firefighters were spared. Among the firefighters who died, the youngest was 18 years old and the oldest was 30 years old. There is a kind of friendship called: "your father is my father" on the way to carry out the mission, the dialogue with his comrades, "I can't come back, my father is your father, remember to go to my mother's grave; Well, your father is my father..." There is a kind of love called: I love you, if I can live, it was originally the day he was going to get married, before he went to the rescue, send a parting message to my fiancee: I love you... If I can live...

They are not unaware of the danger ahead, the value of life, the family is old and young, but they know more about the people ahead who need to wait for them to save their lives, and they know more about the responsibility, mission and responsibility on their shoulders.

If you can't choose to be a fireman, will you save others or yourself? Change your career in the next life, marry the person you love most, go back to your warmest home and be the greatest victim