[Original] Live out Youth-Jiang Renfu, Production Department



In this materialistic society, people of the same age have to squeeze desperately into big cities with their teeth. They seldom really calm down and calm their hearts, which are being tortured, sometimes agitated and sometimes dead.

I don't like watching TV plays very much, but I am eager to watch photo programs. Since the original purpose of the show is to please the public, there are very few opportunities to see real material programs that deeply resonate. I saw "Struggle" when I was in college, and the subsequent "Snail House" directly touched the most fragile nerves in my heart.

left school and came to Fujian Mindong Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., where I accidentally saw the second episode of the TV series "Beijing Youth". I was attracted by the inner entanglement, inner desire and inner helplessness expressed in the form of art. It was the resonance generated by this moment that shocked my little heart. Then I would like to watch every day after work until the end of the whole TV series.

Some of the troubles faced by the four brothers in Hedong, Hexi, Henan, and Hebei are exactly what we struggle with from time to time, but they are four brothers together, and we are alone. Although I have not experienced marriage, have not experienced such a life, but the friends around me, classmates, many living examples in front of their own, is that the life I want? I have longed for a good girl like Quan Zheng to like me, but also admire the Hedong Na abandon the existing love and career to return to the courage of youth. As long as the peers around me are at home, whether it is marriage or career, I feel that they are almost the same template. Life can't be said to be unhappy, but I always feel that there is something missing, lack of passion, lack of feeling and mood after seeing thousands of worlds through strong winds and waves. From what Hedong said, I realized that when you stand in front of a real mountain and sea, you will have a broad mind like the sea. At the moment my little heart was in turmoil and I had the idea of traveling around the world.

Some people live as if they were dead, while others die but are still alive. How should we exist? Is to go with the flow, or to break free from the cage of the environment and fly high. Everything is in their own hands. There are mountains outside the mountain and people outside the people. The outside world is helpless, but it is also wonderful. In this era of fighting for fathers, if you are neither the second generation of rich nor the second generation of officials, then congratulations, you are the touchstone of luck in this era. Youth is capital, no matter how thoroughly you lose, you can start all over again, as long as you don't lose your beating heart.

Young people all have an impulse in their hearts, but most people bury it in their hearts, slowly being worn away by time. They can no longer remember or think about it, but I don't want to be that kind of person. This TV play really touched me and strengthened my confidence to go on bravely!