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Often, listening to him talk about his past, I can't imagine what kind of childhood it was. When he was eight years old, he left the small village where he had been raised for eight years, left the arms of his favorite grandparents, and went to another place that was strange to him. He let him cry hysterically and hold his grandmother's legs. He refused to go. His father's cruel words: If he is not allowed to go now, he really cannot leave here. He was held. So small age, so unforgettable memory. He said: He did not dare to easily go to the place he missed, because the feeling of leaving was suffocating.

went to his house for the first time, and the next day he took me to the hometown where he was extremely sentimentally attached when he was a child. There was a grandmother who loved him and his most beautiful memories. When he was approaching, he suddenly pointed to a new tomb and said to me, "That's Grandpa. I just looked in the direction he pointed, and then I didn't look up at him, I just heard his different voice when I said that sentence. My heart suddenly hurt.

may have seen him aggravate her missing for his grandfather. Maybe the sea breeze hurt her eyes. The two of them faced the sea, turned their backs on me, and spoke the hometown dialect I didn't understand. I saw him gently help her wipe away the tears that overflowed. At that moment, I was suddenly touched. He also wet his eyes. Because he is not often gentle.

language communication barriers, I and his grandmother can't speak, a little bit have to rely on his translation, therefore, a lot less words, she just kept giving me such and such things to eat, in order to express their feelings. After living there for a day, when she was leaving, grandma cooked a lot of duck eggs and held them warm in her hand. We have all walked a long way, she still stood there, motionless, let him call: Grandma, hurry back, or you will catch cold. She didn't seem to hear it. In fact, we all know that she is not willing to give up. He said: Every time you come back and leave, she will send it until you go far away. Looking back, you can still see that she is still there, standing still. I can't imagine how she feels. Does she often not feel like crying...

I vaguely remember the days when my grandfather left. He took a leave of absence and went home for many days. After dealing with those things, he came back very silent. He just said the same thing to me from time to time: I miss my grandfather. I often woke up from my dream crying and calling his grandfather in his hometown dialect. This was only when I asked him what he meant the next day. When he asked me why, I just smiled and didn't tell him. He didn't know, because he never remembered the dream he had. And I didn't want him to be sad again, so I responded to him with a smile, nothing. I answer.

The second time he went to his house, he went back to help collect kelp. On the day of the sun, his mother woke him up at 4 o'clock. He was so sleepy that he couldn't open his eyes, but he still opened the door with his eyes closed. His mother came in and stood at the head of the bed to help him dress. Like a child, he let his mother help him dress. When he was dressed, he took him downstairs to eat something, and then they went to dry kelp together. I was thinking, they are so spoiled him, why he is not capricious, but can be more sensible than anyone else? For me, this is a mystery. At dawn, I will run out to see them and give them some water to drink. His sweatpants will often fall down. His mother can't see it, and she always comes to help him carry his pants. I felt funny but also touched. I often stayed there for a long time, but he yelled back: don't blame me when I get tanned. you are here to hinder my work. After lunch, they went again. I stood on the window sill and looked at them. They walked side by side, walking in the sun, wearing hats, and they were very beautiful.

His mother called me "sister" and "sister" in local dialect. Originally, they were basically called little sisters. He said, listen, how kind my mother called you, but she didn't listen to your mother's similar kindness. Call me, every time I use my first name with my last name. He's a little aggrieved. At the dinner table, it was basically the three of us. His father came back late to eat. He often put a vegetable, a piece of meat and a small piece of fish into his mother's bowl. He said, "Niang, eat more, Niang, Niang, please speak Mandarin. Your daughter-in-law can't understand us. Niang. He is always a series of mothers, the two of us looked at him, smile is not the same, he still simply said, sandwiched.... I'm from southern Fujian, and I'm not used to seafood, so I'm only interested in the food on the table, but I can't eat much. In their opinion, it's a bit incredible, and I don't want to think about it. They all do physical work. I watch TV all day long, and there are a lot of snacks beside me. Where can I go hungry. But every time he filled me with a large bowl of rice and a lot of meat, he would say every time, eat more, and feed me soup with a spoon. in front of his mother, I didn't drink at the first meal. after the meal, I said to him, you can't do this. later, your mother will be sad. seeing how kind you are to me, she will be jealous and think that her son has grown up, everyone knows how to hurt others, and there will be more or less silence in his heart, he said, no, what's the matter, he never cares about these. But I'm sure it will. Or maybe it will be comforting.

Every time I come back in the evening, after taking a bath, I can always hear him calling his mother very loudly, and then I see a lot of clothes being thrown down from upstairs, and she came to help him wash clothes. I heard that he didn't wash clothes at home since he was a child. How could she spoil him so much!

clown, I thought he had this title only when he was in college. looking through his junior high school and Senior high school student records, everyone said that about him. I think, who gave him this vitality? His facial expressions are also very rich. At home, when he is free, he will always dance and dance together. Every time I can't help but call: Auntie, come and see your precious son. Then, he will play harder. He often sings Xiao Erlang and goes to school with his schoolbag on his back... I would never expect that she would continue to sing and sing seriously. Then, he'll show me off. How's my mother? The singing voice was very good, and she enjoyed his praise and was happy like a little girl. This family's wonderful.

returned to the pharmaceutical factory on may 5. on the morning of the 6th, he received a phone call. his father was hospitalized in xiapu county hospital. Her mother can't read. His brother is in Nanjing. He scolded him: he told him not to drink, but he wouldn't listen. I knew something would happen sooner or later. Then, after explaining everything, he simply packed his luggage and went back. So running back and forth, watching, thinking, very distressed. Five days, he took care of him in the hospital for five days, everything was done properly, sent him back home, he came back, haggard a lot. I suddenly felt that this smelly boy had grown up, really grown up, and had the ability to take on everything. He was no longer flustered when faced with sudden things, but could deal with them calmly. He really became a little adult. In the past, I always felt that he was more ignorant than me at school. Now, I have to look at him with a new perspective.

He always has the ability to convince me that the future is bright. He always has the ability to change the bad, he always has the ability to guide me with positive ability. I don't know, accidentally met let me so unforgettable, thank you, tolerate stingy, willful, and even sometimes unreasonable me. From June 15, 2012 to today, there have been so many days of quarrelling, anger, crying and ignoring. However, happiness, happiness and gratitude are with me every day. In this life, so, well.