[Original Article-Feelings and Random Feelings] As the saying goes, parents repay their parenting (R & D Center-Zhang Yashan)



[Original Article-Feelings and Random Feelings] As the saying goes, parents repay their parenting (R & D Center-Zhang Yashan)

Yesterday, a good friend told me that it might have changed her life because of a teacher's words that made her qualified for graduate school. Although it has been 6 years and the teacher does not know her, she has always kept it in mind. I want to visit this teacher these days to express my gratitude. Yes, in life, we are often moved by a small act of others, but we often ignore that the greatest kindness in the world is the kindness of our parents.

all say that parents are the first teachers of their children. Since we were born, our lives have been poured into our parents' love and blessings. Recently, a story with a high click rate on the Internet tells the story of parents' selfless love for their children. When a child in Finland was ten years old, he did something for his family. He might feel that he needed to give something back, so he wrote: "Take back the daily necessities 20 fennis, send the letter to the post office 10 fennis, help adults work 20 fennis in the garden..." Mother saw the bill said nothing and put the money there. When the child got the money, he saw another bill his mother wrote to him: "Peter owes his mother the following: 0 Finney for 10 years of happy life at home, 0 Finney for 10 years of food and drink, 0 Finney for his care when he was sick, 0 Finney for his loving mother all the time ......" Admittedly, as the story goes, as a child, we always blindly ask their parents for their efforts, but they have been silently for us to hold up a love of the sky. This kind of love is priceless and selfless.

"Sheep have the feeling of kneeling and milk, and crows have the meaning of feeding back". As children, we should appreciate the kindness of our parents and do what we can for them. If you are close to home, try to take time to go home to accompany your parents to eat and talk. This is what they look forward to most. As a saying goes, "the best love is company". For parents, the greatest reward we can give is company. If you are far away from home, don't forget that your parents often call or talk about videos to let them feel our love. Gratitude, although it is an action verb, but it needs more than action, more importantly, it needs to be true. Thanksgiving parents, in your heart and mine, Thanksgiving parents, in your actions and mine.