[Original Article-Staff Life] Xiaoyou Dongshan Island (Finance Department-Wei Yan)



[Original Article-Staff Life] Xiaoyou Dongshan Island (Finance Department-Wei Yan)

Dongshan Island is the second largest island in Fujian Province, between Xiamen and Shantou, and belongs to Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. Between it and the mainland, there is a dam connection, do not have to take a boat, drive straight in. The east side of the island is bordered by the Taiwan Strait, surrounded by a bay like a bud in January, which is very beautiful.

We set out from Xiamen at about 10 o'clock and arrived at Dongshan Island at 12 o'clock. It was almost two hours on the way (it was rare for my mother's adult not to get carsick and was a little secretly pleased…)

arrived at Dongshan Island. We first found a restaurant for dinner and drove out to Jinluan Bay. The first thing we saw was the blue water and blue beach, the sea is much cleaner and more beautiful than Xiamen, especially in Jinluan Bay. The sand is all very fine. It is said that because of the lack of tourists here and the geographical location, the garbage outside cannot float here. The sea blue here is very thorough, which is not comparable to the sea in Xiamen.

Under the leadership of our brother, we came to the second stop of Maluan Bay. Dongshan Island has a vast bay, gentle beach and green trees. It has the characteristics of southern coastal scenery. Through the opposite pine forest, it is the bathing beach. Here the sky is blue and the sea is wide, the sand is white and the water is clean, the shore is green and the sea ice bathing beach here is relatively large, and the tent is set up without much gossip.

Facing the sea, I dare not say I understand her, but I know that no matter how it changes, the vicissitudes of life and the sea will last forever.

In the evening, we walked out of the sea in the twilight and barefoot. The pine forest was full of cars and the barbecue fire was curling with smoke. During the holidays, I have time to take my family out for a walk, relax, and gain another kind of life interest.