[Original Article-Staff Life] Handmade Moon Cake (Supply and Storage Department-Yin Ling)



[Original Article-Staff Life] Handmade Moon Cake (Supply and Storage Department-Yin Ling)

ate too many moon cakes bought outside. I suddenly wanted to make moon cakes myself, so I checked the method of making moon cakes online and went to Beckham to bake and bought materials: moon cake powder, softening syrup, oil, water, milk powder, pineapple stuffing, and the most important thing is the mold.

Everything is ready. In the first step, mix syrup and soap water, add salad oil and stir evenly. The second step is to mix moon cake powder and milk powder and add them into the stirred syrup, continue to stir as shown below

and put it in the refrigerator for about 2 hours. The third step is to take out the refrigerated mixture and divide it into 10 small dough for later use, as shown in the following figure. The fourth step is to divide pineapple stuffing into 10 pieces as shown in the following figure:

Then wrap the pineapple stuffing into a small dough and roll it into a circle;

Step 5 Put the rolled dough into a mold and press it, then arrange it neatly on a baking tray filled with tin foil, and spray a thin layer of water evenly as shown in the following figure;

Step 6 160 degrees, 20 minutes, fire up and down in the middle layer, bake for 5 minutes, take it out, brush with a layer of egg liquid, and continue to bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Look, this is the freshly baked moon cake.

is crisp, sweet and delicious, and its taste is no less than that sold in shops. Are you interested in trying to make your own moon cakes?