[Original Article-Staff Life] Chrysanthemum Appreciation in West Lake (Administration Division-Chen Shufang)



[Original Article-Staff Life] Chrysanthemum Appreciation in West Lake (Administration Division-Chen Shufang)

, the weather in Rongcheng was awesome, warm and comfortable. I was fascinated by the beauty of the chrysanthemum exhibition sent by everyone in the circle of friends. Although it was close to the West Lake Park and I had never seen it before, I often thought that the chrysanthemum exhibition in the West Lake Park was a sea of people. He stopped. How can I go to watch this year? On November 14, I took advantage of the sunshine to wander around the West Lake Park for a few laps. The traffic was too congested to walk. Finally, I had to walk at the main entrance of the road and go in. Wow...... Yellow, pink and white, of course, are really crowded with people. They are all taking pictures with their mobile phones in their hands. They find that no matter how old or young they are, they are taking close-up photos of chrysanthemums, which can make very beautiful pictures. Of course, I am no exception to follow the trend.....

but still don't forget to know the details of this chrysanthemum exhibition: it is understood that there is a flower arrangement competition, Fuzhou west lake park has a total of 30 flower arrangement boutique. "These fine flower arrangements have been competed on the 9th. To ensure the freshness of the flowers and the freshness of the works, the flower arrangements were all carefully made on the 8th."

At the same time, "7 special individual competitions were also held on the 9th, including desk chrysanthemum, bonsai chrysanthemum, modeling chrysanthemum, cliff chrysanthemum, new cultivation techniques, and flower arrangement art. Now that the competition is over, these fine works are all on display at the 'Famous Chrysanthemumanthem' attraction on the 10th." More than 100 fine chrysanthemums will be displayed in the "famous chrysanthemum", crape myrtle hall and variety display table. The 24 scenic spots of the West Lake Chrysanthemum Exhibition, such as sailing sea silk and mountain wild chrysanthemum dream, are all open, which is really very rich. Let all the flower viewers feast their eyes.

In addition, this year's West Lake Chrysanthemum Show has set up an exhibition area for the first time, such as "People's Chrysanthemum Strive for hegemony" and other interesting projects. Although it is very crowded, it is worth seeing the beauty of chrysanthemum when entering. It is reported that the end of this month and the West Lake Chrysanthemum Show!