[Original Article] Recently Popular Chinese Studies (Finance Department-Wang Wei)



[Original Article] Recently Popular Chinese Studies (Finance Department-Wang Wei)

The most popular Chinese studies recently cannot be separated from various activities in primary and secondary schools.

As the saying goes: "Filial piety is the first, filial piety is the foundation of virtue", filial piety is the first virtue of human beings. In order to train students to learn gratitude, return, care and filial piety while accepting love, all teachers and students of Zherong County Experimental Primary School held a flag-raising ceremony for the 12th week on the morning of Monday, November 23. The theme of this flag-raising ceremony is "Be a Filial Piety Youth". Class 2 (6) presided over this week's flag-raising ceremony. At the ceremony of

, two small hosts Miao Xianghui and Xiao Kai introduced Class 2 (6) to the students. This is a united and diligent class collective, happy learning, healthy growth is their class slogan. "Establish a confidence: I can do it; Create an environment: civilization and order; Cultivate a habit: self-discipline", which is the goal of all the students in Class 2 (6).

During the speech under the national flag, my daughter, Zhang Yingchen, told the students the story of "Xiang Jiuling, able to warm the seats. The story is about a 9-year-old child named Huang Xiang in ancient China. His family life was very hard. On a cold winter night, he used his body to warm his father's bed, and also used his filial piety to warm his father's heart. heart. This has been praised by people as "unparalleled in the world, Jiangxia Huangxiang". Huang Xiang's words and deeds tell the students that "kindness" and "filial piety" are not for anyone to see, but for their own actions. No matter how beautiful and beautiful the language is, it is not as good as sincere action. This story inspires children to strive to be a person who knows filial piety, practices filial piety, has family and friendship, and knows how to be grateful for kindness.

Filial piety is the foundation of respecting elders and benevolence, and filial piety in a harmonious society is the first. Contemporary children bathed in the warmth of the family, enjoying the care of their parents. The selfless love of their parents gave them a happy life. Everyone has an unshirkable responsibility, inheritance virtue, filial piety respect long. "Who said an inch of grass heart? Three Chunhui reported". Let each other use the heart of grass, filial piety, return to their parents, let everyone join hands, accompany virtue, strive to be filial piety youth!