[Original Article] Grateful (Technology Center-Lin Yaxian)



Flowers are grateful for rain and dew, because rain and dew moisten its growth. Goshawk thanks the sky, because the sky allows it to fly freely. The mountain is grateful to the earth, because the earth makes it stand tall ~ ~ ~. The earth carries all things, and the common people should be grateful. The sky covers Kyushu, and creatures should feel it. Walking in the world, people should be grateful.

Thanksgiving all good, bring us happiness; Thanksgiving all bad, enhance our ability to pursue happiness. Only a grateful heart can have a good state of mind, can have a pair of eyes to discover beauty, and a grateful person can have peace and tranquility in his heart and feel happy.

People often say: God made you lose something so that you could gain more. In life, there are always people complaining that they have lost too much and gained too little. In fact, it varies from person to person. Learn to be grateful, bad things happen, don't feel sad, think about those who are suffering from disasters and misfortune, what reason do you have to complain about the injustice of life?

Days are always passed inadvertently, leaving behind the most profound things, some days will be remembered inadvertently, and some people and things will be forgotten inadvertently, because of gratitude, so will remember.

Editor's Note: The fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving Day. Lijiexun is grateful to have you all the way!