[Original Article] See you in the first snow (Quality Department-Ye Jinba)



[Original Article] See you in the first snow (Quality Department-Ye Jinba)

to Zherong is also a coincidence. If it weren't for the school arrangement, I don't think I would have set foot on the land here. Although I was not full of joy before I came, I heard that it would snow here in winter, which is enough for me, who has never seen snow, to expect.

internship has finally started. Before, it was always said that the study in the school was nothing more than theoretical. Now the opportunity to practice has finally come, but I feel at a loss. Time will not stop for you, it is so not back to head forward, regardless of your confusion. After entering the internship unit, assigning posts, the work began. The eight-hour system plus double rest has plenty of rest time, but I don't feel tired. I can walk around on weekends and feel different local conditions and customs, but I won't be bored.

Some people say that the work is hard and tiring. They have a cheerful smile when they receive their salary, but they complain about not raising their salary. And I'm going to repeat their mistakes.

Some people say that it doesn't matter where you are to be down-to-earth, but gold always shines. I continue to be confused.

Maybe everyone comes to this world with a task and has their own homework to do. Everyone's homework is different, choose your own homework, compare yourself with yourself, and make a little progress compared with yesterday's yourself, and you are the winner.

Time always passes quickly. I always feel that no matter how big the pace is, no matter how fast the progress is, I can't keep up with the passage of time. Everything seems to be yesterday, but it feels so far away, and it has come to an end before it can be felt carefully. People always do this. They complain at the beginning, but when they really want to leave, they begin to feel nostalgic again, so that they don't give up. The images of the past are reproduced in my mind one after another. There is no laughter, no where will you go, and some are just indifferent and melancholy.

The internship period is over. The only regret here is that I haven't seen the long-awaited snow. I hope that in a snowy winter, I will come back here to meet the first snow of life.