[Original Article] Safe and Sweet (Administrative Department-Zheng Lili)



[Original Article] Safe and Sweet (Administrative Department-Zheng Lili)

Gently left on New Year's Day, waving his sleeves and sprinkling happy pieces, filling your heart.

welcomes the Year of the Monkey. On the first day of work in 2016, the company quietly prepared small surprises for all employees in the Fu office, from the opening of the door on the access card to the congratulations on the fortune on the punch card, to the beautiful greetings and the meaning of peace, sweet apples and chocolates. Although the gifts are small, they make everyone feel the warmth and sweetness.

The scene was also interspersed with lottery and reward links on that day, making the whole activity full of fun, surprise and love. A total of six lucky stars and six punch-in activists were produced in 2016.

A red apple and a chocolate represent a greeting and a blessing. I wish you peace and sweetness in the New Year and wish the company smooth sailing!