[Original Article] Red Dragonfly (Quality Department-Wu Qingying)



[Original Article] Red Dragonfly (Quality Department-Wu Qingying)

bus, the headphones have been circulating the "Red Dragonfly" by Kemi Kid. It is still a sunny melody, a little sad feeling, the dusty memory box was suddenly knocked out, mixed flavor! Childhood, paper airplanes, red dragonflies, glass marbles... Every fragment seems to be broken by time. In a leisurely afternoon, you can't lean over to pick up...

reminiscing about those pure, simple and happy childhood days! Bare feet, running in every corner of childhood. At that time, standing on the top of the mountain and looking into the distance, I foolishly thought that this was the whole of the world, and the farther distance never appeared in my world. Those times, the years as quiet as a summer morning, so beautiful, in the sun as thin as cicada's wings, I have never been able to really touch and touch. The fragrance of weeds in the breeze, the warm atmosphere of the soil before the rainstorm, the paper windmill flying in the wind, and the carefree smiling face. Happiness, is looking forward to; Happiness, can be so pure; Happiness, once in my hands to hold! The world is smaller and happier; the world is vast and easy to be confused...

There is no trace of years. The passing hours are like rain dripping into the earth, absorbed by the soil and melted by the sea. Childhood memories such as air-dried reed flowers in the vase of my life. I once imagined that one day ding-dang cat would come to me and take a time machine to swim in the light years on the other side of happiness, constantly reviewing or reinterpreting the eternal time of pure happiness. Eternal, like a moss-covered allusion, has now been chewed off the original charm. We have all grown up, there are still many dreams to fly, dreams at the moment! However, the dream of childhood? Is not already like a dandelion, scattered in the wind in the end of the world, by the outside seemingly colorful world beat scattered, pale. How to imagine, in a leisurely afternoon, sunshine, breeze, still have the flavor of the year? The simple and colorful red chrysanthemum, drag a handful of sunshine to whose heart? Knock every word card of childhood, relive those sad infinite, warm poems and songs.

In the afternoon, I was in a dream. In the dream, it was a season of green rice fields. I saw that under the blue sky, a student-like boy passed by on a bicycle. At this moment, I really hope that time can make a doze, let me so quietly watching, just watching!