[Original Article] The 13th of the first month in my hometown (Wu Xiaoting, Marketing Center)



[Original Article] The 13th of the first month in my hometown (Wu Xiaoting, Marketing Center)

In our hometown, there are many kinds of new year flavors, and the 13th of the first month is the strongest one. Walk antiquity during the day and swim lanterns at night. The whole day is full of excitement.

Let's introduce the ancient things first. There are more than a dozen sheds in total. In each shed, each family selected two strong and courageous boys around the age of eight, dressed up according to the content of the play, sketched facial makeup, dressed in robes, one playing the leading role and the other playing the role of the base protector. Then the boy's uncles carried them along the streets. The villagers carried more than a dozen shacks of ancient events and Buddha statues around the village for a week. Every household passing by had to burn firecrackers. The more firecrackers were fired, the more prosperous the family was. The longer Buddha stayed at the door, the better the life was. People along the way will prepare red packets and biscuits to distribute to the ancient things.

After breakfast, we will almost go to see the ancient things. There is a shrine at the door of every household, where the objects of worship are placed. Just wait for the Buddha and the ancient things to come. In general, I will buy a long sugar cane with my friends, and first look for the brightest little fairy (we call the little fairy the little boy who dresses up as an ancient thing). If the dresser of this little fairy knew him, he could hardly be excited, as if he had become a little fairy. Because being a little fairy requires courage and pressure. The firecrackers all over the street can make you experience the deafening morning. Those who can be chosen to be a little fairy are all great children in the eyes of adults (it is like Xiong Haizi and spring....). If the Chinese New Year is red, then the 13th of the first month is a bright red. Following the ancient things and Bodhisattvas, covering their ears and stepping on the firecrackers of the whole street, they were ready to go home almost after swimming in the street. They did not dare to follow the streets, because they could not find their way home if they walked too far....

There is also a lantern.

Lantern and Lantern Wine are together. From the 11th of the first month to the 15th of the first month, there are lanterns and lanterns every day. Generally, the date of each household's lamp wine will be drawn by drawing lots. The organizer of the lamp wine needs to prepare two large tables of food to entertain the guests after dinner. These guests are generally a representative of each family. The mighty team of lanterns parades through the streets with the sound of firecrackers. At eight or nine o'clock in the evening, the lanterns will enter the organizer's house and stay for a while. By this time, the guests have arrived one after another and started the tea party. The dinner started around ten o'clock, and it was already one or two o'clock in the morning when the dinner was over and the finishing work was done.

When I was a child, I saw something fresh and lively. When I grew up, I realized that the people in my hometown had been praising the magical story of Tu Lai Er Gong exorcising demons, protecting the people and benefiting one side, and inherited the ancient folk activities of "one thousand years of ancient events and ten thousand years of lanterns.

sincerely respects the ancestors and inherits folk customs. However, I personally think that burning firecrackers should be enough. Such a thrilling war of gunpowder not only wastes a lot of money, but also aggravates smog and produces a lot of garbage, causing environmental pollution. I really hope relevant departments can guide and make folk customs positive, give the people a safe and peaceful Lantern Festival.