[Original Article] Time flies-Wuzhen (Technology Center Song Han)



[Original Article] Time flies-Wuzhen (Technology Center Song Han)

The spring breeze is a human guest, and how long does it stand for prosperity? Reading this sentence makes me think of Wuzhen, a place where people who go there feel that time is like water!

In September of 15, my friends and I had the honor to appreciate the elegant demeanour of Wuzhen together. When we first arrived in Wuzhen, we felt that this was a "April sky on earth" far away from today's prosperous world ". A typical water town in the south of the Yangtze River, a world where modern civilization has little influence, a page of history with still strong ancient colors. To the river into the street, the street bridge is connected, according to the river to build houses, water town as a whole!

Following the beautiful tour guide of Wuzhen, we experienced the past prosperity of Wuzhen and the distinctive living habits of Wuzhen residents, and enjoyed folk arts such as shadow play and flower drum play. Although not as high as modern pop songs, we can imagine that the previous residents were walking through the water village in small rocking boats, tasting tea and listening to the flower drum opera is how leisurely.

Gentle water, quiet time, came to Wuzhen in the dream, kind smile, blooming in my heart, life is a constant surprise all the way, a relaxed stay, you can taste the relaxed taste, the beautiful memories of the passing years illuminate the memory corner, I am no longer a passer-by, I have been here, I have never left-Wuzhen!