Feeling on Pingtan Outward Bound Training Activities (Administrative Division-Li Juan)



Feeling on Pingtan Outward Bound Training Activities (Administrative Division-Li Juan)

After the work summary plan meeting in mid -2016, our Lijiexun team went to Pingtan Jin Kun Resort to participate in the "From Excellence to Excellence-Communication, Cohesion and Implementation"-Building Excellence Team Outward Bound Training Activities.

Through field expansion training, everyone not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery, relaxed their body and mind, but also enhanced the communication and mutual trust between colleagues, enhanced team cohesion, and further maintained a good atmosphere of unity, cooperation, and active progress. At the same time, it also allows everyone to move from work to nature, feel the beauty of nature, appreciate the harmony between man and nature, and sharpen everyone's will and endurance.

Under the command of the coach, we were divided into three teams, equal age, equal ratio of men and women, team, group, select team leaders, name the team, draw the team flag, and soon the "Thunder Team" and "Flagship Team" were born. Everyone shouted the slogans of their respective teams and devoted themselves to the following activities with full enthusiasm.

The first project we received was-archaeological experts. Our teammates needed to crack 18 password patterns. The requirements for completing the task challenge were to decipher the digital meanings represented by 18 patterns, the project went through a total of three rounds, and as the project progressed, the rules of the challenge became increasingly difficult. In this project, the most difficult thing is that 18 patterns are placed in the shape of a circle. Our team discussed a set of plans through communication: each of us turns the cards in sequence and reports back to the commander. The commander records the secret numbers taken back by the team members. When all the cards are turned out, everyone turns the cards according to the commander's instructions. This division of labor allows us to reach a correct rate of more than 95%. In this project, my experience is:

should have a clear division of labor in advance, obey the command in the process, 100 percent of the execution, and sum up the experience afterwards;

When there are mistakes in the execution of the task, timely feedback and correction should be made to minimize the loss.

As the saying goes, there is not only one way to solve the problem, use your brain and use your wisdom to find the simplest and fastest solution. The "flagship team" shared their simpler and more effective methods in the third round, which is worth learning. In the afternoon of

, we started the second activity project-building pacesetters. Each team was assigned a PVC pipe and a ball corresponding to the number of players. The task challenge was to manually build a PVC pipe to transport the ball from the starting point to the end cup. During this period, we could not touch our hands, flow backwards or fall to the ground.

In this project activity, we have a long time for people to run in the ball. Sometimes our ball falls on the way, sometimes when we are close to the finish line, the ball touches a teammate's hand, sometimes at the last critical moment, the ball does not enter the water cup......

This is very much like in our work, we often encounter many problems. When problems arise, we need to solve problems through communication, respect, communicate, and share for a win-win situation. Always communicate with your boss, your subordinates, and your family. This smooth flow of information is an important part of getting things done.

Next is the third event-inspiring, task challenge: beating volleyball with drums within the specified time. In this event, our "Invincible Team" set the highest record of the three teams: 263.

In this project, my experience is:

Unity is strength: this is very important. A team can achieve the final result, the goal must be clear, and mutual agreement and support. The magic weapon for our team to win this project is that all the players look at the ball firmly, shout the same command in unison, and have no distractions. This kind of power is very huge, it can make every member focus on the completion of the common goal.

After the event, the coach gave us the points of the three teams, Thunder 240 points, flagship 220 points and Invincible 270 points. Our invincible team has the highest points and the confidence of the whole team is doubled.

The last project-Lost in the Jungle, Task Challenge: Each member of the whole team is randomly assigned a number, which may be negative, decimal or positive. Under the condition of losing taste, smell and human language, all teammates have to complete the task of arranging all teammates in the order of numbers from small to large.

This project tests whether our early communication is sufficient, whether the preparation of the plan is reasonable, and whether the error correction mechanism is sufficient? My experience is:

When we do things, we should be good at overall planning and break through our conventional methods to obtain information. In the process of completing the project, difficulties are everywhere. No matter how difficult it is, as long as we stand up more times than we fall down, we will be successful.

sharpening knives and cutting firewood without delay. Everything has certain rules and solutions, so before you think it over, the result will be twice the result with half the effort. And this kind of planning can help us find the direction faster and better, improve work efficiency, and improve the success rate of tasks.

This project is our failed project. There are many reasons for the failure. The most important thing is that we did not communicate how to do good things and how to do them. We just had a preliminary idea and acted. Such experience is particularly important in projects and work that require ways and means. We have a lot of projects to carry out every day, facing a lot of problems to deal with, if there is no good planning, will take a lot of detours, can not reach the end in time.

Of course, there are also good teams in this project. I would like to congratulate the "Thunder Team" on winning the first place.

# During the 108 expansion, we played many team projects. I understand that if we want to gain a foothold in a team, enterprise and society, we need to do our best, show our talents, enhance our own value and enhance the value of the team, only when the team is strong can individuals have better development! At the same time, I also learned the skills of interpersonal relationship. Only through effective communication and resource sharing can we complete the task more effectively and achieve our goals!

Lijiexun, come on 2016!