[Original Article] Father (Research and Development Department-Zhang Yashan)



[Original Article] Father (Research and Development Department-Zhang Yashan)

"I always ask for it from you, but I never say thank you. I didn't know it was not easy until I grew up", Chopsticks Brothers' "Father" can always sing into the softest place in my heart. My father is like the sun in my life, always warming me and illuminating me.

On the way to school, my father plays the role of a teacher. Whenever I am confused, my first thought is my father. No matter how busy the business is, he will stop what he is doing and patiently help me analyze the stakes. In the communication with my father, I can always find a unique perspective, which makes me feel like a bright future. If my father can't help me solve it for a while, he will bring a pen and paper to list the problems, and let me accept them clearly and clearly through arrangement and combination. This is the father, give me the greatest sense of security and dependence.

In life, the father plays the role of a bosom friend. When I suffered various setbacks, I sometimes cried with my father. My father always listened to my cries silently, and then sang a song coldly, like "show courage and rush again" (Minnan song), which made me smile through tears. When my mood calmed down, tell me about my attitude towards life. This is my father, taught me the face of frustration of optimism and open-minded.

After getting married, my father kind of took a back seat. Whenever he gave me advice, he would add: "You and XX (my husband) to discuss it." The father is always adjusting his role in order to make his daughter have a happy marriage. This is the father, the father who thinks for his daughter all his life.

We are growing up, and my father is getting old. Gradually, the lumbar disc prominent disease, so that the father's back is no longer so straight, the pace is no longer so brisk. Sometimes, I will look at my father's back and think for a long time: our growth has left traces on my father's body. If we don't grow up, will my father still be young?

"Time is slower, don't let you grow old again, I would like to use all I have for your long years. Am I your pride? Still worried about me? The child you care about has grown up! Thanks for having you along the way!" No matter how the role of father changes, he is still the proudest father in my heart.