[Original Article] Grateful to Walk with You-Yuan Baoer



[Original Article] Grateful to Walk with You-Yuan Baoer

15 years in the long years of life, neither long nor short, let me and Lijiexun formed a deep indissoluble bond.

After the first snow fell in 2002, it was the first time I met Lijiexun. After the failure of the college entrance examination in 2002, considering my family circumstances, I gave up the repetition plan arranged for me by my family. From then on, I ended my student days and began to find a job. By chance, I learned that Lijiexun had recruited foreign workers, so I took the idea of giving it a try and signed up for a written examination as strict as the college entrance examination. The examination scene of more than 100 people is still vivid in my mind. Fortunately, I was admitted.

Only more than 10 people were admitted to this exam, and most of these people have formed a deep friendship with me, which will also affect my future life. Although some people left for personal reasons, the friendship I forged with them is deeply rooted. This friendship will accompany me all my life and I cherish it very much. Among these people, I also met the one in my life, and this love also brought me full of happiness.

Time flies, time flies. Recalling that when I was just arranged in the workshop, it was really a great challenge for me, who was born timid but just entered the society. During one job, the compressed air pipe of my bottle washing post fell off, and when it reached the gas flushing stage, it made a huge noise. Faced with this sudden scene, I was scared silly. I thought it was my inappropriate operation that caused the equipment to explode, and I couldn't help crying. Fortunately, my colleagues dealt with the fault immediately and were able to comfort me and finish the work I didn't finish together. I realized the care among my colleagues, and I was grateful for the affection among my colleagues. From then on, I strengthened my determination to start studying seriously. In the days to come, I will be able to walk with you and experience the struggle from sunset to sunrise through layers of glass windows. After experiencing heavy snow, I indulged in the haystack snow battle. I also experienced a car accident after work and the mutual encouragement and relief between my sickbed.

experienced the joy of knowing new employees and the sadness of colleagues leaving their jobs. Unconsciously, in tears and laughter with you forward, grateful for these experiences taught me to grow.

Every job may not be perfect, but in this job that has accompanied me for more than ten years, I have gained many valuable life experiences and fulfilled my unfinished college dream. Colleagues' care and the joy of self-growth have made me firm in my life direction. I will always work with this feeling of gratitude, keep in mind the principle of "having a job, you must know how to be grateful" in my work, and accompany you as always.