Thank you for Doctor's Day"



However, the current doctor-patient disputes still occur from time to time. Some people think that I spend money to see a doctor, so I am high above. When faced with dozens or even hundreds of patients a day, our doctors will also be tired, considerate and understand each other, they use their efforts to treat diseases and save people, and we should also learn to be grateful.

When disasters fall on human beings, in addition to our PLA uncles, there are also our angels in white who rush to the forefront. At the scene of life-threatening rescue, they devote all their sincerity and efforts. I still remember the bleak picture of the scene when the Wenchuan earthquake occurred in 2008, and the resolute determination of those doctors who rescued from the fire.

When thousands of houses are brightly lit and reunion is celebrating the New Year, our doctors may still be saving lives all night, especially emergency doctors, who have to work overtime to stick to their jobs. Under the shadowless lamp day and night, the patients put their lives on the line, and they fought with all their strength.

when in the clinical front line, in addition to the heavy work, but also face sometimes unreasonable misunderstanding and scolding, but they do not forget to vow "health, life and trust", with the best of their own to meet every patient.

Therefore, the work of doctors should be respected by the whole society. We should understand and support our doctors. They fight against diseases and race against life dutifully. In the face of their efforts, we should learn to be grateful, give a simple smile and send a simple blessing.

June 26 "Chinese Doctor's Day", let's pay tribute to the doctors who are racing against life!

(Author: Weng Menghan)