Stick to your faith and achieve your dreams.



Some people always say that success lies in one thought. The road to dreams always requires a shoulder to climb. Throughout the ages, countless capable people have understood this. Life is a long way to go, and every inch of grass is shining. A single spark can start a prairie fire. The outstanding record can be a monument. Our faith sticks to our life, our dreams, and our future is achieved!

What is faith? "Faith is never giving up, persistent pursuit" Edison achieved himself with practical actions; what is faith? "Faith is the cornerstone leading to the dream" Lu Xun abandoned medicine and went to literature, and served the country with talent, thus achieving his dream of serving the country. They are all on the road of trembling, night after night, sticking to themselves and pursuing the future. Clustered in contemporary society, having a house, a car, and gold are their lifelong thoughts, and they are also their lifelong pursuits. However, some of them have lost their wives and lost their soldiers, forgetting the original foundation --- stick to it, only dreaming of meaningless dreams, not putting it into action, from the purest sunset into the bottomless abyss, and hurried green his own life.

There are always many difficulties and frustrations in the road to progress and success. Dreams cannot be realized overnight. Some people are mediocre, others are real. Looking back at the road they have walked, the things they have done, the life they have seen, some they have given up, some they have stuck to, and it is precisely because of the beliefs they have stuck to that they have ushered in their life today, tagore once said, "Although the sky has not left any trace, I have flown over." Indeed, we stick to our dreams and achieve our Chinese dream. We do not regret it, do not retreat, and make a living in flowers and birds. Out of the collapse of mountains and rivers, I believe that faith takes us to yearn for the sunset, not to fight for the day and night, to live with perseverance, and to walk with dreams.

"Old men in a stable position, aspire to a thousand miles", "there will be times when the wind will break the waves, and the clouds will sail straight to the sea". Matsushita Konosuke once said that "only faith and patience can open up a broad road on the thorny road". Yes, we need to work hard and stick to it in the future.

(Author: Zhang Jie)