[Original Article] Catch up with excellence, catch up with goals, learn together and create value



[Original Article] Catch up with excellence, catch up with goals, learn together and create value

On July 11, 2017, a growth tree for the first half of 2017 was held in Lijiexun Conference Room. Employees from the marketing department, supply and storage department, administration department, registration department and research and development department reported their five major aspects of career management, career management, self-growth, life management and financial management respectively, and their superior leaders made comments. Learn from excellent employees, catch up with each other and create self-worth.

Time is a gift given to everyone by God's fairness. Make a work plan, allocate time scientifically and reasonably, set priorities, deal with time according to priorities, never waste time on meaningless things, and quantify the plan, strong operability.

A person's success and failure all come from the habits you have formed. After 21 days of formation, you will work hard until you are powerless and persist until you are moved. Strictly require yourself to make a work plan and check it at least 3-5 times.

Do a good job in emotional management and life management. Stress comes from all aspects. Finding out one's own stress source and finding solutions are always more difficult.

is never too old to learn. Everyone must know what to learn, when to learn, where to learn and how to learn. Every employee should not treat himself as an ordinary employee, plan himself, position himself for the future and supplement himself appropriately. Improve yourself and study systematically;

Find the spiritual pillar of the profession, make your own career plan, and think about the gap with the spiritual pillar. Such as: responsibility knowledge skills, professional knowledge skills, guidance skills, skills to treat people, improve skills. Develop skills, find your own sprint point, run to the sprint point.

The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from its employees. The mission of the enterprise is to help employees grow, succeed and have a happy life.

(Author: Lei Guihua)