[Original Article] Team Collaboration



[Original Article] Team Collaboration

has a new hobby in the past two months, which is to study various recipes, and then try a few dishes every weekend, take photos, upload friends as a souvenir, and colleagues also come to eat at home with special comments. The election day is not as good as the collision day. On Saturday, when I was in high spirits, I called and invited my department's friends to play.

Yes, after the phone call and counting with my fingers, I suddenly realized that there were more than a dozen friends coming to the house for dinner. I panicked. I usually only cooked food for three people at home. I have never seen a big scene of more than a dozen people. How can I start.

had a brainwave. If everyone was allowed to participate in the activity, would the nature be different. So in WeChat group, the theme of the party was changed to a big competition of cooking skills, and each person contracted a dish. After Bottle Sister bought the ingredients back, she quickly stewed the specialty pork trotters pot and sparerib soup, immediately went to the living room to be the shopkeeper, and handed the kitchen to Huibin and Li Fang. Liu Jie brought cold dishes and marinade from her home. Zhou Zhou and Master Huang held a lot of fruits, xiaoling and Chen Jun came to eat after working overtime from the company. Qiu was responsible for playing the glory of the king and serving the meal. After the meal, everyone sat down and served as a crowd of melon eaters. Then Master Huang and Chen Jun served as flower protectors to send each of their friends home safely... Suddenly they felt very happy and gathered together as warm as family members.

Looking back, is this not a kind of teamwork? Everyone gives themselves a clear role positioning and division of labor, and then tries their best to play their own role. In the role interaction, they can enhance mutual understanding and friendship, and at the same time promote the successful completion of this activity.

is attached with photos of the activity. Welcome to play often in the future.

(Author: Zhan Xiaoping)