[Original Article] The Power of Habit and Persistence -- Feeling of 5S Activities



[Original Article] The Power of Habit and Persistence -- Feeling of 5S Activities

This time the company organized the management of the office 5S, standardized some of everyone's behavior habits, and promoted everyone to form a good habit through supervision methods, thus improving the self-discipline ability of employees, enhancing the overall image of the company, and creating a cleaner, tidy and comfortable office environment for everyone.

I don't know if you found out in this sorting process: there are so many invalid documents and voidable documents in your documents; The original drawer and desktop were so disorganized. It turned out that my telephone and calculator were covered with dust... there were many similar problems found in this inspection. Let's take a look at the problems found during the first 5S inspection on September 1.

and through the supervision of 5S activities, we began to act as a giant of action, decisively discarding unnecessary items and making the office environment simple and concise. Organize, classify and file your own documents to make the use of documents more standardized; Clean up all the corners and corners, leaving no floor space for dust and garbage.

I once shared with you the story of a frog and a snail. It tells the story of a frog and a snail falling into a deep well at the same time, so who can climb out first? The answer must be the snail. Because frogs seem to jump very high, they can be zeroed once, while snails only advance and retreat. Although they are slower, snails are accumulated every time they climb, and snails can climb out sooner or later. This is the power of perseverance.

It has been a week since the first 5S inspection. After this week's observation, I found that after the 5S inspection, everyone's desktop is cleaner

, and they have also formed the habit of sorting and returning. Working in such an environment will bring people a strong sense of pleasure and comfort. The power of habit is terrible. We urge everyone to form habits through 5S activities, and it is king that everyone can persist for a long time. Let's learn the snail's perseverance spirit together, let 5S live in our hearts, make a little progress every day, standardize ourselves, improve ourselves, and cheer up our friends!

(Author: Weng Menghan)