Never give up hope at any time.



Never give up hope at any time.

County Union-organized gas volleyball, which is in full swing for a while. This game let me know that the air volleyball is a very ornamental ball games. In response to the county trade union's recreational and sports activities to highlight the spirit of enterprise sports, our Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Company quickly formed a young and energetic team, namely: Song Han, Yuan Jianwei, Zhang Caixian, Lin Pengfei and Jiang Lianghong. Due to the arrangement of working hours, our team's training opportunities and time are limited, but in a short period of time, it is not easy to go from the "rookie team" who do not understand the rules and standing position to the "R team" who can overtake the opponent many times in the field.

In the three matches with other enterprises and government departments, our "R team" grew rapidly. Off the court, I, the director of the tour and some department leaders cheered on my colleagues on the court. Although the match was fierce and cruel, it was also fun. The handsome bounce and smash of the players on the court were really handsome. I can call myself a fan in an instant, like me, it is difficult to resist.

Standing on the sidelines of the gas volleyball match, I watched the match attentively. There are five people on the court, holding the ball, setting the ball, hanging the ball, smashing the ball, saving the ball, and even kicking the ball with their feet, all of which are intoxicating. Leaping high, smashing heavily, hanging lightly, serving ferociously, running all over the field to save the ball, the graceful and handsome movements show absolutely the beauty of strength and movement. The two sides came and went, and our emotions as we watched the game on the sidelines were sharply lifted. Under that situation, we all cheered for it: "Li Jie Xun, come on; Li Jie Xun, come on."

players are honored to play on behalf of the company, which is a symbol of technology and a display of vitality. However, I found that it is also a very happy thing to shout and cheer off the court. What the players on the field need is calmness, timely replacement, tacit cooperation, mutual cooperation, and running to save the ball; while the cheerleaders off the field need enthusiasm and joy, cheering, and clear support. Often, these cheerleaders are far more excited and active than the players on the field! His team won a ball, and they were the first to applaud. When a ball is missed or a point is lost, it is they who are extremely regretful. Therefore, if you are good at capturing with cameras, not only the jumping and smashing of players on the field is an excellent dynamic picture, but also the excitement or sigh of cheerleaders. It is also an emotional picture with warm expressions and rich body language.

This is also a very interesting thing to watch. For example, when it doesn't involve our company's team playing on the field, you can objectively and fairly cheer for the good ball of any team on the field, and judge who plays well and who makes a mistake. However, once your own company's team plays on the field, you can't be so rational, hot-headed and emotional, because you have one-sided support, your emotions are completely controlled and dominated. You only cheer loudly for the team's wonderful ball. You even rejoice in your opponent's mistakes. You know that this is not advocated by the sportsmanship of "higher, faster, stronger", and you also know that this is not advocated by the competition of "friendship first, competition second", but you are so carried away by emotions. The mind is wrapped in a collective honor and cannot hold on to it. You can even understand the unprincipled cheerleading behavior at major international competitions.

have time to exercise, or enjoy watching a competition of people around you, life, if you can get a happy emotional, it is also a kind of hearty! The competition is over, the final result is not as perfect as ideal, but the wonderful and rich process is enough! This is a valuable asset for us! Never give up hope at any time.

Thanks to the air volleyball match, we enjoyed the wonderful and dynamic games one by one. After work, devote yourself to exercise and exercise, which is much healthier and more beneficial than the lives of the low-head people who stare at their mobile phones when they are empty!

(Author: Chen Chao)