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In today's competitive society, burying your head in work is no longer a virtue. If you are unknown, others will not know what you think in your heart. Maybe others will think that you have no idea and that you have no thinking ability.

-"Speaking is Productivity"

When I started talking, I can't remember.

I went home to accompany my child during the National Day holiday. After 5 months, he could already send out "yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiy.

After going to college, I missed the good time of exercising and talking. At that time, I thought, anyway, I had to take the basic technical route and work diligently.

Until now, I found that I need to communicate with the outside world more opportunities at work, and the current level of speaking is far from enough. At this time, I realized that I really can't speak.

This is not a joke. I didn't pay attention to talking well before. After reading "Speaking is Productivity", I have some insights and want to speak seriously.

What is speaking?

It is explained in this book that speaking is a manifestation of actual actions. It does not allow you to learn knowledge, but a skill based on knowledge. It needs to be trained according to basic rules and participate in experience.

It turns out that speaking is not as simple as opening your mouth and shutting up your mouth. It contains personal logical thinking and can improve the expression of personal influence.

If you want to learn to speak, I think you should start from the following points.

First of all, you must understand your speaking level.

After reading this book, I found that I haven't reached the level of the first ladder. I belong to the type of poor speech. Although a bit hit, but must face up to their own speaking level, in order to help themselves to improve. I wanted to think, in fact, not speaking now does not mean never speaking, speaking is a skill, according to the basic rules of training, will soon be skilled.

Secondly, pay attention to learning to speak and practice speaking in life and work.

Teacher Sun Luhong recommends a time ratio of 1:8 for learning and practicing, indicating that the purpose of learning to speak is to let us speak. This book has described in detail the eight-step ladder four skills, we need to work hard to learn. Although there is no need to read articles in front of a mirror like Guo Degang, the key is to spend time training to speak. In fact, we can practice in our life and work: in our life, we can practice speaking in the process of shopping, and practice speaking on the phone with our family. At work, report to work and practice speaking.

skill is that the more you use it, the more skilled you are. if you practice hard, we can speak well.

Finally, the combination of improving speaking ability and expanding knowledge, both internal and external.

For example, someone's words always convince others. There are two main points here. The first shows that he has skills in speaking and can impress others. The second shows that he is knowledgeable, otherwise how can people always believe him. In my opinion, people who speak convincingly will be valued by leaders, surrounded by friends, and relied on by their families. Although they cannot be rich and expensive, they can also be regarded as winners in life.

From now on, I will speak seriously.

(Author: Xu Yizhou)