After watching the movie "Fanghua"



After watching the movie

2017-12-27, under the organization of the company, we collectively watched Feng Xiaogang's movie "Fanghua". This is a movie with the background of the Military Region Art Troupe in the 1970 s. The tears of countless people, the same, also pierced my tears. The movie looks back on the youth of a generation with bright colors.

The two protagonists who have a deep feeling for me: He Xiaoping and Liu Feng, there are three things that make me think and think.

First item: He Xiaoping stole military uniform to take photos. This is a very important turning point in the film, because this incident led to He Xiaoping being completely isolated by others. (In this matter, He Xiaoping's original intention of taking photos was to let the father in distress see his spirit of enlisting in the army and express his miss and love for his father. This kind of original intention is filial piety, which everyone admires. However, in the process of implementation, Xiaoping used the way of stealing to obtain military uniforms, instead of showing her roommates her needs and borrowing them with consent. As comrades in arms in the same dormitory, when we first joined a group, it was more necessary for us to actively integrate into the group and let the group test our character through things and time. In this matter, Xiaoping lost).

Second item: He Xiaoping refused to perform solo dance on stage in the name of wig fever of 39 degrees. This triggered another turning point in her life. She was transferred out of the art troupe and went to work in a field hospital. (In this matter, if she doesn't lie, her B corner can get flowers and applause if she stands up when the collective needs her. However, she chose to lie because she had the resentment that Liu Feng was sent away. Although she really performed a wonderful solo dance after listening to the slogans led by the political commissar, she could not recover her mistake of lying and was punished by being transferred, another loss of character.).

Third item: Liu Feng gave up the opportunity to study at the Military and Political University because there are people here who want to love. (Opportunities are not available to everyone, but when opportunities come, once missed, they will be even greater losses; choosing and giving up opportunities is greatly related to your motivation. If this opportunity is about your career, then think about what your ultimate career goal is. If it is helpful to the realization of your career goal, you should choose, if you don't decide whether to give up or not)

He Xiaoping has my learning place: good nature, hard practice of your major, good professional ability; But it also shows me the areas that need improvement: for example, when dealing with things, lack of consideration; Not good at expressing one's needs; Not good at communication; There is little interaction with comrades and leaders, and they are too closed to themselves, lead to unpopularity.

Liu Feng also has something I need to learn: warm-hearted and diligent. Here I realized how important the decisive moment choice is. At the end of the movie

, the ensemble was disbanded. Although there were some minor conflicts at ordinary times, there were still thousands of words when it came to real separation. War friendship was a kind of kinship without blood relationship.

This is not like our same thing, so when we can work and study together, we must cherish it. Employees cherish the company and the company cherishes employees. Only in this way can our team be more energetic and brilliant.

(Author: Li Juan)