Let's get started, let's set sail together.



Let's get started, let's set sail together.

After the two-week Spring Festival holiday, today finally ushered in the first day of construction.

In order to give everyone a comfortable office environment, I have already entered the company one day in advance to check and arrange the office environment ~

The orange tree at the gate means good luck and good luck!

The green plants in the employee activity area, the small flower beds in the cultural wall and the flowers in the front desk have all taken on a new look ~ ~

The whole company is full vitality and vitality ~ ~ ~

# February 26, 101, the handsome boys and beauties of our administrative department came early in the morning, in order to give each small partner who entered the company a red envelope for the new year, in order to open the door and see the red, the weather will be smooth in the coming year, and the days will be prosperous ~