【Original article】The soaring Oriental Dragon, the rising Chinese miracle



【Original article】The soaring Oriental Dragon, the rising Chinese miracle

In 2017, the Internet hot word "awesome, my country" can be said to have exploded the entire network. Later, CCTV and China Film jointly produced the large-scale documentary film "Awesome, My Country". This film condenses the great development achievements of China over the years, especially in the past five years since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, into 1 hour and 30 minutes. Within the time, it has carried out an all-round and multi-level concentrated display of my country's social politics, economy, culture, technological innovation, and diplomacy.

Before watching the movie, I always kept a mysterious view of the movie in my heart. Until 3.8 Women's Day, when the company organized all our female employees to watch, the magnificent large-scale aerial shots were like introductions, attracting my attention and giving me a strong desire to continue watching the movie. China's self-confidence, China's strength, China's achievements, China's miracle, China's concept and China's spirit all give every Chinese a sense of self-confidence, strength, belief, spirit and unparalleled pride.

The extraordinary scientific and technological achievements, the largest radio telescope FAST in human history, the world's largest offshore drilling platform "Blue Whale 2", "Mozi" quantum communication satellite, C919 large aircraft, etc. The world-renowned Chinese projects, China Bridge, China Road, China Car, China Port, China Net, etc. It is all witnessed that our country is constantly advancing towards the field of creating a great power. Our country has created a development path with Chinese characteristics of self-reliance and independent innovation.

A few days ago, I took my children into the theater and watched the movie again. That mysterious perception has gone forever, and what arises spontaneously is a sense of steadiness and pride.