The Bicycle and the Father



The Bicycle and the Father

When talking about bicycles, everyone may think of ofo, hellobike, mobike and other shared bicycles, but what impressed me most was my old bicycle. It was a dilapidated "Phoenix" brand bicycle. Its body had lost its luster. Except for the bell, all the parts "creaked" to play a unique march. Despite this, it still left me with deep memories.

already can't remember which year of autumn it was. It was a harvest season. Looking around, it was golden and came into view. In this season, every dusk, my heart was always up and down, which was the mood of waiting for my father to return at sunset.

Just like Zhu Ziqing can't forget his father's back, what I can't forget is his father riding a bicycle. My father always goes out early and comes back late. The sky is still gray. He carefully carries out the old bicycle. My father is afraid that he will wake me up when I am sleeping, but I don't know that I have already woken up. I tiptoed behind him, and my father always carried my bicycle over the threshold in order not to wake me up. When I got out of the house and rode on my bicycle and wore a straw hat, I trotted forward, but my father had already rode far away. I could understand how much care was filled with the careful action of carrying the bicycle, so the back of my father riding was already deeply imprinted in my mind. The happiest thing after school every day is waiting for my father to come back by bike at the entrance of the alley where a big willow tree is planted. Gradually, I fell in love with the old bicycle. I want to learn it and ride it. I want to ride the bicycle to share the responsibility of the family for him like my father.

When my father has a rest, the bicycle becomes my favorite. I always push it up and down the small slope in front of my house. When my father saw it, he always said, "I want to ride a bike before the car is high, so be careful of falling..."

Now I always think of the process of riding a bike to and from work every day, and I can better understand the responsibilities on the bike, the responsibilities of the family...

(Author: Wu Heng)