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The sky outside the window was gray, and suddenly I wanted to write down what I was thinking at the moment.

On February 27, 2017, I officially entered Lijiexun to clock in. It is 412 days today. Over the past 400 days, many people have asked me, "What is the plan for a good college teacher to quit and go to an enterprise to do academic work?"

figure what?

Figure Wages Higher? Or bonus highs?

I often answer with a smile: "In fact, the salary is about the same as before, and the bonus is not higher than the sky."

Is that worth it?

The answer is obvious: "It's worth it!"

After entering Lijiexun, I did not have the panic of becoming stupid, but the motivation to "study hard. At first, I was afraid that I could not answer questions in front of leading colleagues, agents, and even doctors. Later, I got used to reading books related to products in my spare time. Whether in the company's bookshelf, on my desk at home, or in my bag on business trip, there is always a book, perhaps "Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine", perhaps "Pediatrics of Traditional Chinese Medicine" or others. There are also times when I am too busy to somersault, but after all, I make a little progress every day, and my heart is not so panic.

Some people often say, "You 've played all over the country."

At this time, I can only smile because I really don't have time to play. I can only say that I have been to such and such places. However, I am tired and satisfied, because this year, my vision has been broadened, I have felt the local conditions and customs of different regions, learned the business style of agents keeping pace with the times, felt the team cohesion of different teams and the personal leadership charm of the provincial leaders, and met so many lovely people.

finally understand the truth of "the world is big, I want to see" and "there is no end to learning.

My students like to talk to me when they encounter problems and worry. Most of the time, they will enlarge the problem and then choose to retreat. In fact, if you don't try many things, you won't know how the subsequent story will develop.

The military order given by Liu Bei only said "capture the city"!

Zhuge Liang did not ask Liu Bei, "What if we have so few arrows?"

Guan Yu did not ask Liu Bei, "What if we have so few soldiers?"

Zhang Fei did not ask Liu Bei: "What should we do when we are under siege?

They did not flinch, and then there were stories of Zhuge Kongming's grass boat borrowing arrows, Guan Gong cutting six generals through five passes, and Zhang Fei retreating millions of Cao soldiers alone on the Dangyang Bridge.

So dream, don't flinch when things happen, and try to strengthen your own quality, then there will be rainbows after the wind and rain. Come on, guys on the road.

Written on April 14, 2018 on the high-speed railway from Zibo to Fuzhou

Weng Menghan