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Original Article Mother

I remember writing an article called "Father" before I had a baby. At that time, I thought it was easier to write "Father". When I closed my eyes, my mind was a tall image of my father. And write "mother", the feeling is more trivial life, too intimate, but do not know where to write. As a recent tweet said: "when your child does not write you into the composition, it can only show that your efforts have been embodied to the nanoscale, and there is no way to refine them into materials." Mother, is such a meticulous, detailed, but unknown to pay the image. However, after I became a mother, I had a deeper understanding of my mother. I also want to write about my mother.

My mother doesn't know a few big characters, but she is a very far-sighted woman. When my mother was young, she had to drop out of school to take care of her sister because there were many brothers and sisters in the family. At that time, my mother's teacher felt a pity for a good seedling, which also became a pity for my mother's life. Therefore, in the education of our brothers and sisters, my mother insisted that we must read more books. The mother's whole youth is spent in the child's education and growth.

My mother went to town alone for the first time to send chicken soup to me who was studying in the county seat. At that time, there were only two buses to the city a day, and there were always a lot of people. Some thieves fish in troubled waters and steal in crowded and noisy places. The first time my mother went to town alone, she met a thief. The thief sat in the back row of his mother and, through the gap in his chair, reached into his mother's pocket to take the money. The mother felt something was wrong. When she found the thief's hand, she pressed her pocket. The thief found it exposed and let go. After entering the city, my mother didn't want me to worry. She didn't mention a word. She just silently watched me finish the chicken soup and went home by car. It was only a long time afterwards that my mother and I talked about it lightly. I think what kind of fear the mother should have at that time, because in the environment at that time, some thieves could not steal, but beat people from time to time. For the first time in the city, but also illiterate mother, to bear what kind of pressure, after walking into the city and back home. A mother is such a person who pays silently even if she bears great pressure and does not want to add a trace of worry to her children.

When I was in college, I was further away from home, and I became my mother's further concern. My mother's phone was open 24 hours a day and never turned off. Because she was worried that if we had something to do in the middle of the night, we would not be able to find her. Sometimes in the middle of the night, call her, maybe she has fallen asleep. But she always tells me that she hasn't slept yet and just talked to your dad about something. The mother's phone is on standby 24 hours a day, just to think of her as soon as her children need it. Talking about life, study and emotion, mother can always teach us how to look at problems positively. Mother conveys her positive energy to us in her unique way.

After giving birth and giving birth, my mother insisted on taking care of our mother and daughter for several months. At that time, the daughter day night upside down, often do not sleep at night. My mother took over the task of coaxing her to sleep at night, and then took turns with her father to take care of the children at night so that I could have a good sleep. My mother passed on my love to my daughter. The care of my daughter is more than I can take. Bathing and dressing are light. Chatting with my daughter is even more devotional, often posing as a child and making my daughter giggle. Love is a kind of inheritance, and my mother passed on her love for me to my daughter. Even though her body is not as good as before, she will always stand in front of us.

is like the song "know you" singing "give me all your love and give me the world". A mother's life is dedicated to her children. A piece of white hair is the imprint of the years on the mother, and it is the witness of the mother's silent efforts for us. Dante said: "the world's most beautiful voice, is the mother's call." In addition to our busy work, we should spare more time to accompany our mother and think about what we can do for our mother in the limited time.

I would like to give this document to my mother, my mother-in-law and all the great mothers in the world! Wish you in the upcoming mother's day, happy holidays!

(Author: Zhang Yashan)