[Original Article] One-day Tour to Wenzhou, Zhejiang



[Original Article] One-day Tour to Wenzhou, Zhejiang

On May 12, 2018, on an ordinary weekend, I felt that it was not a good thing to stay in the dormitory all the time. It happened that my colleagues in the factory department organized mountain climbing activities and were very excited. Although I haven't climbed the mountain for a long time, I immediately signed up for such a good opportunity. At first, I thought it should be an interesting day, but it turned out to be a day full of surprises!

The weather is sunny and sunny on this day. Usually I will wash the sheets and clothes and put them upstairs to dry. Then I will hide in the dormitory to watch movies and play with my mobile phone, but I will not do this this weekend. I was woken up by setting the alarm clock at 7 o'clock in the morning. I opened my hazy eyes and looked out of the window. The sun was scorching, and the earth was covered with a thick layer of golden light. After a brief wash, I took my backpack full of snacks and tools to the gathering place, got into the van we had booked in advance and headed deep into the mountain. The driver of

minibus is a veteran. He often runs on one-way streets in the countryside. The straight road is basically 60 miles and the turn is not less than 50 miles. It scares us very much. At ordinary times, on Fuzhou buses, we will definitely say that the driver drives too hard and complain a few words by the way, but now I think we have given our lives to the driver. Next to it are cliffs and abyss. If we are not careful, the whole car will fall into the valley. I can only pray silently that the driver's technology is the best. There is often no signal in the mountain. I took a mobile phone to record the GPS path, but the signal was intermittent and finally gave up.

At about 9: 30, we arrived at Yingshan Township and stopped to watch a thousand-year-old tree that has survived vicissitudes and wars. It is said that there is Ganoderma lucidum on the old tree, and many villagers have climbed up to pick it. I looked at the trees that were more than 100 meters high and admired their courage.

At 10: 15, we arrived at the junction of Fujian and Zhejiang. The two provincial capitals were separated by a river called Shiyang River. We found a boat in the lower reaches of the river. After simple negotiation, the boatman took us to row back and forth in the river. Although I have a lot of courage, I am still a little scared after taking the boat without any protection measures. Perhaps it is because I haven't learned to swim yet. Seeing other people are so calm, it seems that I must learn to swim. After rowing, we took a group photo at the junction of Fujian and Zhejiang provinces. "Biped bridge, a bridge separated by two provinces", think about it is quite memorable.

At 11: 30, we visited an ancient silver mine in Wenzhou. The gloomy air was blowing out of the small invisible cave. Under the guidance of the driver's part-time tour guide, we entered a relatively large mine. Entering the narrow and long deep mine made people feel nervous. With an adventurous heart, we crept along with the tour guide for more than 20 meters and entered an empty space platform with only one entrance, there are also two ports that connect to the underground mining site at a depth of more than 100 meters. "It's very suitable for exploration, but we didn't bring any equipment." The driver said gently, then warned us not to enter, after entering it is easy to get lost because of the intertwined passage.

At noon, we arrived at Wenzhou-Gui Lake. After staying in Gui Lake for a while, we found a restaurant, ate and drank enough, and after a short rest, we began to head for the river. The road to the river is still unforgettable. It is not the road with 18 bends on the mountain road, but the narrow Z-shaped route. Not only that, the second half is a stone road without cement, which is very bumpy on the bus. It is gratifying that we found a big loquat tree full of yellow and yellow fruits behind us. We found its owner. The owner was very generous. After learning of our intention, he told us directly that he did not intend to sell the loquat and let us pick it at will (in fact, he wanted to pay some money to him). After getting the owner's consent, we began to plunder and pick it. We didn't leave until the bag could hold it.

In the afternoon, we punched across the river at the junction of the two provinces and set off for the mountain. As we could not find the road up the mountain mentioned by the tour guide, we had to give up climbing the hill for half an hour in order to avoid getting lost and getting heatstroke in the high sun. When we went down the mountain, we found that our legs were too sore to climb the mountain any more, so we followed the road to Zherong, let the driver pick us up on the way back to Zherong, so we ended an unforgettable day of travel.

Generally speaking, the experience is very good, especially the activities of entering the mine and picking loquat. The only regret is that I didn't climb the official road connecting Fujian and Zhejiang. I hope readers who read the article will have the opportunity to experience it and feel the convenience of transportation today!

(Author: Huang Youkai)