Original article for beginners



Original article for beginners

Beginners have more enthusiasm and motivation, but they also have confusion and bewilderment in the entry stage, which is a contradiction in the progress stage. From the transfer of the quality control department to the technical center, I once again experienced the "state of a beginner", just like a "contradictory body". On the one hand, I want to make progress, but on the other hand, I am afraid to take steps.

One side is instilling new ways of working, but the other side is hesitating about old work habits. As far as adapting to the working atmosphere of the new department is concerned, in fact, in the first few days, I can say that I was basically in a "ignorant" state. I was not clear or had no concept about many things, and I was not smooth in handling things. Maybe due to my own personality problems, I was not good at words, and I was not active enough to ask my own questions. After that, I adjusted my state, asked questions if I didn't understand, slowly adapted to the work of the new department, gradually increased communication with colleagues, and learned to write daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, monthly summary plans, etc. Although there are still many deficiencies, there is more room for improvement if there are deficiencies.

In terms of quality analysis, because I have worked in the physical and chemical group and instrument group of the quality control department for a period of time, I am familiar with the basic experimental operations and adapt to the laboratory work relatively quickly. This month, I mainly came into contact with the detection methods of new 1.1-FMSLPTFZJ content, dissolution rate and related substances, learned the operation of Agilent liquid phase instruments and software, and the use of Agilent dissolution rate. In the early stage, I mainly assisted the predecessors in the experiment, and slowly started my own independent experiment in the later stage. There is still a big difference between assisting others in their work and operating independently. When assisting others in their experiments, they only need to be responsible for some part of it or follow the "pace" of others. When operating by yourself, you need to consider many details of the operation and control the whole experiment. There will be various problems that need to be solved by yourself. All in all, you need to be more careful when you operate independently, solve problems in the process of constantly discovering problems, and slowly cultivate the overall thinking of the experiment, so as to learn better.

must have a specific experimental plan before starting the quality analysis experiment. Starting from the purpose of the experiment, specific to the details of the experimental operation: experimental materials and instruments, sample treatment, instrument use, etc., reasonably allocate the experimental instruments and time to improve the experimental efficiency. When you encounter problems in your work, you should consult your predecessors more, don't be afraid to make mistakes, have the courage to correct mistakes, and sometimes learn from failures or mistakes, your memory will be deeper and your understanding will be more thorough.

Learning from language-and teaching from other people's words, although quick and easy to see results, but easy to forget, instant memory; Learning in words-and learning in books and notes, the memory is more profound, but more abstract; However, the learning in practical operation is more specific and the experience is more profound. "A good memory is not as good as a bad pen." Taking notes is the key. From theoretical memory to the formation of behavioral habits, such as a certain operation of a specific instrument, only after repeated practice can we better master this knowledge. For example, cleaning the table top in time after the experiment is a very simple action, but from listening to the preaching of the predecessors, to the regulations of the management regulations, to the actual actions of oneself, and finally forming the habit of cleaning the table top in time after the experiment operation is completed, it is a very simple action, but it can experience the experiment quality of the experimenters.

The so-called learning is endless, learning and growing with a "beginner" attitude, and forming the habit of lifelong learning.

Author: Jiang Lianghong