[Original Article] Internship Feelings



[Original Article] Internship Feelings

Before leaving, my parents told me that I was still so impatient. I only thought that I could finally go to other cities and fantasized about what the company was like and what my colleagues were like. However, at the moment of leaving, I was really reluctant to give up. Only then did I know that I thought I had grown up.

is very happy to come to Zherong, the hometown of longevity. To be honest, I knew very little about Zherong before I came here, but when I really started living and working in Zherong, I suddenly fell in love with this special small town, not only the enthusiasm of Zherong people, the beauty of Zherong, the food of Zherong ......

The most common words I heard when I came to Zherong were: "Sister, where are you from?" "It's right to come to Zherong at this time. Zherong is a summer resort." "Have you been to Donghi Mountain? Don't talk about Zherong before". Yes, I have never been to dongshi mountain, but I have already arrived in zherong and lijiexun.

As an intern, there is a big gap for me to step out of the ivory tower and enter the society. It is a blessing for me to enter the company as a buffer. Through the internship, I know the actual needs of the work, which makes the purpose of learning more clear and the effect is better. So when I entered the central control room, my study and life officially began.

I thought that after I started my internship, I would no longer have teachers, homework and exams like studying in school. But in fact, it is the same. Everyone in the central control room, including everyone in the company, is a teacher at an important turning point in my life. They never spare their own experience to guide me in my work and avoid detours. This also makes me feel Strong warmth. They as my teacher at the same time, in the usual and constantly expand their knowledge, is the so-called endless learning. My teachers have studied so hard, so I have to study harder.

In the next six months of internship, I will do my best to cooperate with my colleagues. Although I am an intern, I also hope to give my modest contribution. And the products we produce are medicines, which are extremely special and should not be sloppy, so I will keep my rigorous and serious attitude in mind and learn a lot from my predecessors.

(Author: Lan He Ying)