[Original Article] Travel Notes of Fudao Fun Competition



[Original Article] Travel Notes of Fudao Fun Competition

July 26, 2018 is a memorable day for me. As one of the event planners, I started the preparation work one week in advance. The event route, small games, budget, various props and other thoughts cannot be less. The concerted efforts of the 8 event organizations are bound to run this event-Fudao Fun Competition!

On this day, the Lijiexun family, who had been notified for a long time, came to the company wearing cultural shirts. The vibrant pink color lined everyone with more spirit. Everyone said nothing, but I know everyone is striving for the first place!

Let's talk about the interesting points of this interesting competition first!

Fudao, Fuzhou Urban Forest Trail, adopts the first steel frame hollow design in the country. The main axis is 6.3 kilometers long and the ring line is about 19 kilometers long, with a total of 10 entrances. Fudao is connected to Zuohai Park in the northeast, Minjiang Corridor Line in the southwest, and Jinniu Mountain Ridge Line in the middle, running through Zuohai Park, Meifeng Mountain Park, Jinniu Mountain Sports Park, Guoguang Park and Jinniu Mountain Park.

The starting point of the activity is located in Liangcuo, Hongshan. There are three levels in the first level: two-person three-legged game, one person assists from the side, and the staff of the first level signs and seals the safety. The second level: each group of 2 dice must throw more than 8 points, and the second level staff must sign and seal the departure after confirmation. The third level: randomly select questions and draw out the tasks that the team needs to complete. After the tasks must be completed, the third level staff will confirm the completion. After signing and sealing, the departure destination will be completed. End point: according to the order of arrival and the collection of three levels of signature and seal ranking, the starting point is also the end point.

I can't wait to start, oh ~ I forgot to explain that I don't take part in the activity as a staff member, so is it exciting to think about the situation that everyone is "tortured" by the three checkpoints?

arrived at the activity site. after listening to the instructions of the host's activity rules, everyone has already practiced with great interest. the slogans of "one, two" and "one, two" have been practiced one after another. the host should stop writing ink and start quickly!

The two men and three feet in the first level are a test of the tacit understanding of the team members. They are not used to it at first, and the distance between each group is getting farther and farther. However, after a short period of running-in, the speed of everyone gradually keeps up. The two people tied together are holding hands, shoulder to shoulder, and you hold me, I hold you. The assistants were not idle either. Those who cheered and helped carry the bag and fan were busy.

has reached the second level, which is a big test of luck. The two dice have a total of 12 points, and the chance of throwing 8 is 14%. Let's see how lucky everyone is ~

It seems that everyone is full of momentum and luck is not bad. They threw 8 points one after another and set off for the third level! The third level is the work of all our staff, how can it be so easy? We designed a variety of games to "embarrass" everyone, such as singing and dancing in the form of performing a children's song, charades, expressions four continuous shooting and so on, watching everyone be the whole thing is really interesting ~!

How long did our painstaking efforts not stop this group of powerful and fast people? Everyone did their best in the last part of the journey. Soon the first and third prizes appeared, and everyone reached the finish line one after another. The whole journey plus the game was expected to take 1.5 hours, and everyone only took 45 minutes to complete, it seems that I still underestimated the fighting capacity of the Lijie Xun people. We have designed checkpoints for a long time and arranged games for a long time. We have not stumped everyone. It is so lost. However, looking at the red faces, bright smiles and unfinished expressions, I decided to forgive everyone, because this is not the effect we want?!

After that, I will definitely redouble my efforts to design more difficult levels and come up with more torturous games. Lijiexun's family, you wait for the call!

(Author: Wu Yuting)