Living in the Present.



Living in the Present.

Living in the present, every bit will make people feel more gratified, grateful for everything they have, how honored!

During this period of work, I am very grateful for the Growth Tree activity, which let me know everyone and brought me closer to this big family. In my opinion, it is difficult for any label word to comprehensively summarize the whole picture of the event/thing. I want to say that the biggest gain is to be attracted by the bright spots in everyone and feel the positive energy. Excellent! I hope I can stand beside you confidently and walk with you on the way of growth. Wouldn't I be happy? My friend is drawing a sign for the Chinese Valentine's Day, and the Chinese Valentine's Day adventure is "meeting a noble person". Do you still need to wait until the Tanabata Festival? I still remember that on the first day of taking office, I was still confused and didn't know how to call everyone. My colleague said, "For the students who just came out of school, all they met were your big brothers and sisters". Indeed, the elder also taught like a big sister that "happiness at work can be brought into life", and a love will make the pace brisk.

During the lunch break, standing in the staff activity room and looking down is the endless river. Every day, it passes under Huai 'an Bridge to and from work. The blue sky and white clouds on the way to work make the software park shine like a gold rim. When you leave work, you are just chasing the sunset all over the sky. It seems that every cloud is carefully reserved for you.

remembered last year when riding a bicycle with friends in the late autumn wind and singing loudly as if no one else was around, "why does the oncoming wind keep holding me back? I fly clumsily. I am afraid of being lonely, but I am afraid that it will be more regrettable to fold my wings". Life is always not easy, which kind of stability has no hidden whirlpool, just as the song sings, "who is not alone to learn to be brave". 400 kilometers away from home, it is not near, it is not far, it is always a habit to think about family during the festive season. A small box of hometown muffins is a food that can be used to place your thoughts on. You can always keep them around and chew them at home.

Young us, please remind ourselves to use our energy to believe. I never thought that the leaders in the dark cooking industry could gradually be promoted to junior chefs. In the video, my family and friends were all "motherly smiles", and my roommate always gave me a thumbs up. Suoran sometimes does a long story, but every step is to grow up in the attempt. Appreciating Lin Yutang's calm and optimistic character, under his "Amway", I have recently become Su Dongpo's "fan sister". At work, the learning atmosphere created by the predecessors always encourages you to grow up. I turned back and found that I was never alone. All the people who appear in my life, or deep acquaintances, or encounter by chance, I firmly believe that there is some kind of fate, including the books I read and the people who write books.

is still in the dull days, life will continue. In a very poor life, it may be difficult for us to understand how to explain the big proposition of the meaning of life, just as young and pure is also extremely ordinary. Living in the present, doing every simple thing well, and handling the data clearly, such youth should also be very beautiful.

If these words can come to your ears, remember, this is a secret that belongs only to us.

(Author: Chen Lina)