[Original Article] Peers Grow Together



[Original Article] Peers Grow Together

In July 2018, the company held a growth tree activity for the first half of 2018. The activity was jointly participated by the R & D Center, Supply and Storage Department, Finance Department, Marketing Department, Administration Department and Marketing Center. Staff reports included their own career management, career management, self-growth, life management and financial management, their superiors will comment and guide their past work and future plans.

A person's success depends on his attitude towards life. All successful people always use the most attentive thinking and the most optimistic spirit to dominate and control their lives. We should take seriousness as a work habit and implement it in our future work. We can treat work as a learning opportunity to learn to deal with business and learn to communicate with others. In this way, we can not only acquire a lot of knowledge, but also lay a good foundation for future work.

"Learning is like sailing against the current, if you don't advance, you will retreat"; This is not only the case in study, but also in work and life. If you don't persist in study, keep pace with the times and continuously improve your comprehensive strength, you will be eliminated by the society sooner or later. There is only one person in the world who will stop your success-that is yourself, complain less, understand more, talk less, do more, and give it to you who are working hard.

Reading thousands of books is not as big as traveling thousands of miles. Go out and have a look. Either reading or traveling, there is always one body and soul on the road, using knowledge and experience to broaden your horizons and enrich your heart. As long as you are willing, it is never too late; so, as long as there are ideas and energy, then do it.

Work and family are often not balanced. You need to work hard to find a balance between them, make plans, constantly summarize, and improve your overall quality., Improve work efficiency, and strive for more space and protection for family life. This is your own life and brings warmth to the people around you, be happy with your life.

Learning is the accumulation of experience, and talent is hard patience. Success is not achieved overnight. Plan well and stick to habits. Maybe you can't see the results of what you are doing now, but success is not something that will happen in the future. It is accumulated from the moment you decide to do it. Knowledge is accumulated and experience is also accumulated.

Employees are the foundation of enterprise development, and enterprises are the stage for employees to play. The progress and development of an enterprise can not be separated from excellent employees, and an employee's own value needs a good enterprise platform. Corporate culture, as the cornerstone of cohesion of employees, cultivates the centripetal force and identity of employees, and stimulates the internal enthusiasm of employees. The personal goals of employees and the goals of the enterprise are combined to promote the common progress and development of individuals and enterprises. I hope all Lijiexun family members will grow together in a harmonious, warm and positive working atmosphere!

(Author: Wu Jingwen)