[Original Article] Target Targeting, Full Sprint, Victory Surpass -2018 Middle Work Conference



[Original Article] Target Targeting, Full Sprint, Victory Surpass -2018 Middle Work Conference

On August 3-4, 2018, the middle and senior management of Lijiexun gathered at Yongtai Qingyun Mountain Royal Hot Spring Hotel to hold a mid -2018 work summary and planning meeting.

Let's take a look at the beautiful scenery around the hotel first ~ As one of the organizers of this mid-year work conference, although I did a lot of homework before going, I was still shocked by the beautiful natural scenery in front of me. Who said that the standard in summer is air-conditioned watermelon WiFi, I think summer with mountains, water and hot springs is also unique...

This meeting includes three themes: ① work reports of various departments, key issues at the company level, and future plans of the company; ② Management sharing training sessions; ③ Retreat. The

meeting started on time at the scheduled time and was presided over by Mr. Lin Jun, executive vice president. the marketing center, marketing department, pharmaceutical factory (production department, supply and storage department, quality department, engineering equipment department), research and development center (research and development department, registration department), finance department and administration department reported in turn and made concluding remarks on the completion of key work of production and operation and logistics support in the first half of the year, focus on the analysis of biased objectives and tasks and formulate solutions and measures; Clarify the completion time node of key target work in the second half of the year, the resource collaboration required for the promotion of key affairs, and the work plan that needs to be adjusted in the second half of the year. Mr. Lin Jun, Executive Vice President, and Mr. Lin Dong, General Manager, commented and guided the work of the corresponding departments one by one!

followed by Mr. Lin Jun, executive vice president, introduced to everyone the key issues and relevant responsible persons that need to be promoted at the company level in the second half of the year, covering the expansion of the Kou Gu workshop, the construction of a joint research and development platform with universities, OEM cooperation negotiations, the construction of employee salary system, etc.

Ms. Lin Yuan, Secretary of the Board of Directors, focused on the company's future planning blueprint and imagined the company's bright future!

When the tea break time comes, the small partners of the administrative department also kindly arranged a set of work exercises for everyone, so that the leaders who often work in front of the computer can fully relax the cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae, isn't it very warm!

The second theme: management sharing training meeting. Mr. Chen yang, manager of the finance department, shared the course of "financial management" ~ Mr. Chen yang mainly promoted the core concept of financial management, enterprise cost control and investment management, allowing managers to review the past and improve the knowledge of enterprise financial management.

To the third theme, Mr. Lin personally walked to the front of the stage and led everyone to sing "True Hero", which immediately pushed the atmosphere of the meeting to a climax. Everyone opened the retreat with full heroic feelings. Mr. Lin shared with all the management the company's future goals, the four abilities of leading cadres, the business model, the profit model, the risk awareness and the importance of team building. Mr. Wu Rongfang, general manager of Fukang, a special guest, shared the successful experience and experience of Fukang's 12th FDA certification; the management personnel of Lijiexun's production, quality and sales line also exchanged their achievements and shortcomings with everyone.

The two-day mid-year meeting was successfully concluded in a tense and active atmosphere. Let's "lock in the goal, sprint with all our strength and surpass with victory" and work together to achieve the 2018 annual goal!!

(Author: Ma Siyu)