[Original Article] Mid-Autumn Festival and What Lijie Xun Have to Say



[Original Article] Mid-Autumn Festival and What Lijie Xun Have to Say

Everyone knows that September 24, 2018 is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, but this day is also a special day for all Lijiexun people. Yes, on September 24, 1997, Fujian Mindong Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was officially established!!!

was a little-known small factory when it was first built. It has experienced the hard work of Lijiexun people, especially after the founding shareholders and management team of China Biomedical Products Company listed in the United States led by Mr. Lin Dong, Mr. Zhao Chaoming, Mr. Lin Tongjun, Ms. Chen Xiaoling and other core personnel entered the company in 2013, greatly enhance the company's modern management level, in a short period of five years to achieve a comprehensive transformation and upgrading of technological transformation and products. Now the company has developed into a national high-tech enterprise, a well-known trademark enterprise in China, a leading enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry in Fujian Province, an innovative enterprise in Fujian Province, and a settled enterprise in the "Thousand Talents Plan" of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the People's Republic of China and the "Hundred Talents Plan" of Fujian Province. A bright pearl of Hercynian Medicine City.

At the same time, on this day of full moon, Lijiexun welcomes its 21st birthday in its prime. My heart is extremely touched. For this double-happy day, the company's culture team made great efforts to prepare buffet lunch and lantern riddles and other games for everyone.

Buffet Lunch is held in Conference Room 1 and Conference Room 2. The sushi boat in the middle is like Lijiexun sailing full of fruits. Looking at everyone queuing up with tableware to pick up the meal, I suddenly feel that everyone is cute. At the end of the lunch at

, our managing director Mr. Lin dong and special guest Ms. Rao fengxiu, president of Fujian pharmaceutical industry association, sent their best wishes to the company and added a lot to the birthday party.

Since it is a birthday party, of course there is no birthday cake! With the birthday song sounding, the birthday cake flashing with stars is slowly pushed forward. While the stars are not extinguished, make a wish quickly. First, I wish Li Jie Xun would continue to work hard and move forward. Second, I wish Li Jie Xun people would create another great cause and create brilliant achievements together. Third, I wish everyone a better tomorrow!

then entered the game link that everyone expected. In previous years, we were all making cakes. This year, we will have different points, but we will have rich prizes. Everyone can get points by participating in the game. Points can be accumulated and exchanged for prizes. Do you think the prizes obtained through your own efforts are even better?!

Now let's introduce the game to you. The first game session, "Ching Mid-Autumn Festival Guessing Lantern Riddles", is located in the company's employee activity area. Lantern riddles are divided into three levels: difficult, medium and easy, corresponding to 3, 2 and 1 points. Therefore, serious people are the cutest.

The second game is "You can draw and I can guess". It is located in the second conference room of the company. It is in pairs and gets a few points in 1.5 minutes. Ouch, hello, everyone can't talk but dance. It's really funny.

The third game is "Song Title Guess", which is located in the company's first conference room. In the form of a rush to answer, one point will be scored for one correct answer, and many Maiba in Lijiexun will be detected at one time. Hum, be careful, the wrong answer will be punished.

The intense and exciting activities ended happily. Everyone consciously returned to their posts to deal with the pre-holiday affairs. Despite how crazy they were when playing games and how pleasant they were when exchanging prizes, everyone always returned quickly during working hours, and even many people were unable to join the activities because of work, this is the spirit of Lijie Xun and the pride of Lijie Xun!

(Author: Wu Yuting)