[Original Article] 2018 GMP Knowledge Contest and Speech Contest



[Original Article] 2018 GMP Knowledge Contest and Speech Contest

drug quality, and continuously improve the quality management level of drug production. The company's production base held a GMP knowledge contest and speech contest with the theme of "Let GMP popular, let knowledge turn.

made an opening speech before the start of the competition. I wish all the contestants good results in the competition and the level of the competition. First of all, we entered the first link of our GMP knowledge competition breakthrough competition. The contestants were answering questions carefully and the scene was silent. In order to ensure the fairness of our competition, we should refer to the standards of the college entrance examination for the written test of the breakthrough competition!

After strict examination paper correction, the final breakthrough competition written examination results-Ma Xiaoyu, a newcomer to the quality control department, ranked first in the GMP knowledge competition breakthrough competition with high scores in the written examination results, while Li Linhua and Jiang Lianghong, the technical center, ranked second and third in the breakthrough competition respectively. It's really that the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead. The strength of the newcomers cannot be underestimated at all! The end of the

breakout match was followed by a tense PK match (on-site question and answer). The 18 players decided in the breakout match formed a team on the spot and formed 6 teams with IQ off the charts, namely: Dream Team, Star Team, Rocket Team, Charge Team, Bubble Team and Win-Win Team, A group of lovely people took the lovely team name.

The competition is in the form of team questions and answers. The questions are divided into required questions, total questions and rush questions. The scene also set up the audience question and answer, can let the audience also participate in the competition.

The whole on-site question-and-answer process was extremely intense. All the contestants concentrated and went all out, unwilling to miss any chance to score.

In the audience answer session, the audience friends also came prepared, and the accuracy of the on-site answer was excellent.

The scene was not only full of tense competition atmosphere, but also full of laughter. Even the four judges and teachers couldn't help but jump up when they saw the topic.

The fierce GMP knowledge competition ended in an atmosphere of sometimes tense and sometimes laughter. Let's start our speech competition by counting the total scores of each team.

Contestants are well prepared and emotionally rich in their speeches, so that everyone on the scene is immersed in their stories.

When the last speaker finished, the results of the GMP knowledge contest also came out. Let's wait and see who the winners of this GMP knowledge contest and speech contest are!

First of all, the GMP knowledge competition was awarded. The winners of the excellence award in the knowledge competition were: Wei Lirong, Lin Chang, Li Linhua, Yuan Chenrong, Xue Lingling, Jiang Lianghong, Huang Pinger, Xie Fu, Chen Xiaoping

. The team that won the third place in the knowledge competition was Rockets: jiang Renfu, Wei Chen Ping and Ruan Wenhua;

The second team is Juxing Team: Jin Jijin, Ma Xiaoyu and Zheng Huiying.

Finally, the most exciting moment has come. The team that won the first place in the knowledge competition is the dream team: Jin Wenqiang, Wei Dongmei and Xu Yanhua. They have dreams and are not afraid of difficulties. Their excellence is obvious to all! The award ceremony of

GMP Knowledge Contest has been completed. Don't forget there is also a speech contest. The winners of this speech contest are: Ye Peishen, Xie Xiaohe and Lan Heying.

won the first place in the competition Feng Fengtao, the production department is really a hidden dragon and crouching tiger, the second place Yuan Jianwei, as expected Tiehan tenderness, the third place Liu Chunlan, science has been so good, liberal arts also won the prize? Leave us a way out!

GMP Knowledge Contest and Speech Contest ended happily and successfully. Everyone showed their elegant demeanour and reached their level. All the members participating in the contest, including the audience who answered the questions on the spot, are Lijiexun's precious wealth and make GMP popular in daily life together, let the knowledge turn in our body!

(Author: Chen Chao)