Embrace Life



Embrace Life

As time goes by, I have left the ivory tower for more than three months before I know it. The small time always slips silently through my fingers and quietly takes away the fleeting time. In the hot summer of

, in addition to a touch of busy preparation for the end of the exam, there are also a group of students who are about to bid farewell to their alma mater and carry their bags to start the next journey. And I am no exception, facing the busy graduation season for the first time, the thesis defense, job application, goodbye to five years of classmates and close friends, everything is so orderly, but so fleeting. From wearing a bachelor's uniform in the ivory tower to the company's T-shirt, what has changed is the role, and what remains unchanged is the original intention of continuing to study and work hard.

Work is the behavior carrier of social development and progress. Before I joined the job, I was full of novelty and expectation, but also mixed with doubts and nervousness. What is novel is how the work is reflected, and what I expect is that I will soon unveil its mystery; what is doubtful is whether I can master this steering wheel, and what is nervous is that I will face a brand new platform.

Although there were various moods before entering the job, they were already replaced by relaxation and happiness after entering the job. The first ray of sunshine greeted every morning is mixed with the flavor of vitality, opening a day full of vitality.

recalled the first day of work, agreed with my lovely roommate to get up early, get ready for a beautiful mood, and start the first day of our career. all the strivers who came and went in the asphalt road were carrying dreams and life. Walking into this software park building that is about to be written on our career blueprint, opening the elevator on the 9th floor, what you see is a warm photo wall, which may be the power of a smile. Even if you have not met, you can feel the kindness of this big family. And warmth.

The so-called drop of water evaporates easily, but when it merges into the sea, the waves can surge. The same is true for us. Personal strength is always weak. Integration into the big family is the beginning and goal of common struggle. As a novice, it is inevitable to be at a loss when you just take over the job, but fortunately, there is a great team behind it who is patiently guiding and teaching to help you grow rapidly. Work slowly adapt, life gradually independent, encounter problems are no longer like ants on a hot pot without direction in a hurry.

is the so-called "broken rainbow Ji rain, clean autumn sky, mountain dyed eyebrows new green", new sunny after rain, autumn sky like wash, green hills like Dai. Day by day, after sending away the annual typhoon rainy days that will not be absent from Fuzhou, they gradually bid farewell to summer and enter early autumn. A burst of autumn rain is cool, and the residual summer has disappeared. Although the daytime temperature is still high, when it comes to night, it is often shivering and messy by the oncoming evening wind, and it is always mixed with a thick autumn drizzle. The little brothers and sisters who worked together also seemed to understand the temper of early autumn. Before leaving work, they would tell them: Hey, man, have you brought your umbrella? Go back earlier in case it rains. Life is very simple, a word of exhortation can ripple in the heart, rippling.

In the past three months, it has not been long or short. Joining this big family, I met a group of lovely friends, who are elders, predecessors, leaders, colleagues, and guides me along this road. I have mastered many skills in the field of work, doing research, writing materials, listening to training, learning and communicating, each of which is a label of my own growth. There are also dribs and drabs in life. It is said that life needs a sense of ritual. To make every ordinary day interesting and memorable, it is not necessary to be gorgeous. Perhaps it is just to enjoy the roommate finishing a coveted dinner. Or after working overtime, we will walk hand in hand into our favorite Putian marinated noodle shop. I will order a bowl of marinated noodles and you will have a spicy meat and salty meal. It can also be that as night falls, we lazily walk under Huaian bridge, it's as simple as looking at the vehicles galloping through the reinforced concrete forest.

The new starting point of life, the new journey of life, attitude determines the height. In "meeting Socrates at a gas station in the middle of the night", it is mentioned that "we should live our whole life as we live one day". After work, we should not only brush drama, variety show and Ge You lie down, but also hold up a book to read, study the practice of a dish, and meet friends to exercise together. If you pour time into the sea of books, you may open one more window of the world. If you pour time on a dish, you may know more about firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea. If you pour time on sports, you may not have the worry of putting on three pounds during the holidays. Therefore, I often set up a flag for myself and learn to embrace life so that I can work hard better.

"All the way to the new autumn evening, the pavilion moon will be full", and Lijiexun family spent a warm and happy Mid-Autumn Festival together, also lucky to catch Lijiexun's 21st birthday, although the Mid-Autumn Festival has passed, the blessing is still there, wish each small partner everything round, wish the company the fragrance of medicine is dense, show the beauty of medicine.

(Author: Chen Lin)