[Original article] Live out your own wonderful



[Original article] Live out your own wonderful

It has been more than a year since I joined Lijiexun. I have learned a lot from it and enriched myself. In real life, I often hear people say, "To live your own wonderful" So, how can you live your own wonderful and be the best you can be?

I actually thought about this question for a long time, and then I figured out that what I want is-to be yourself, but when this is clear, the choice will not be tangled.

works in the company's business back office. The work content is complicated. Customers often ask various questions, and sometimes they will be complained by customers. Some work content will make you feel that the work is boring. However, as long as we straighten out our mentality and do our job well, no matter what problems and difficulties we encounter, we will be solved.

Have you ever heard of Crick? He is the owner of McDonald's. Before he became the owner, he was just cleaning the table in a small restaurant. He often complained, "I want to be the boss, but now I am cleaning the small table." His father told him that if you can't clean the table well, what will you take to be the boss? Later, he always uses five towels to clean a table.

This story tells us that no matter how small things are, no matter how ordinary work is, as long as we insist on doing what we should do, success is not far from you.

(Author: Zhang Xiaotong)