[Original article] To learn to look at things dialectically



[Original article] To learn to look at things dialectically

"keep the green hills, not afraid of no firewood" tells the story of an old man who burned charcoal in ancient times and had two sons, the big one is Qingshan and the small one is Hongshan. when the old man was dying, he gave Donggang, which had few trees, to Qingshan and Xigang, which had thick trees, to Hongshan. Hongshan was very rich a few years ago, but he would not plan to only cut wood and burn firewood, and soon became poor. Qingshan reclaimed wasteland and planted new seedlings. Although it was poor in the past few years, it was thriving in the later days. Hongshan asked his brother Qingshan for advice. The elder brother told him earnestly: "If you eat mountains and don't raise mountains, you will eventually run out of mountains. Only when you grow up the mountain and then eat the mountain can you have beautiful scenery!" Later, people praised Castle Peak and said, "If you keep the green hills, you are not afraid of firewood."

With the proverb "Keep the green hills, don't be afraid of firewood" spread, people also use it to describe that as long as there is life, there is a future and hope. This sentence has obviously become the best comfort for people's hearts. However, Castle Peak is not capital, it may be just a glimmer of hope. Spiteful of "Castle Peak" will decadent your mind, spiteful of "Castle Peak" will bury your fighting spirit. Therefore, we cannot have the fluke mentality of "keeping the green hills, not afraid of no firewood", and if we keep the green hills, we are afraid of no firewood. Perhaps in a certain situation, "keeping the green hills and not afraid of firewood" represents a positive attitude towards life; but there are also some situations where if we want to have a retreat in everything, it is killing our will. Therefore, we should learn to look at problems from an objective and dialectical point of view, dare to fight hard, and then firmly say to ourselves: don't want green mountains, want Dongshan; don't burn firewood, want fruits.

Society is always moving forward. It will not stop and wait for you. Therefore, to keep pace with the times, one must first look at problems from a dialectical perspective and look at the scenery from different angles. Just as "looking at a ridge and a peak on the side", everything has two sides. When we look at problems objectively and dialectically, this will broaden our minds and horizons, and we will consider many things when dealing with things, so that we can take things calmly.

Because everyone is an independent individual, different growth experiences will cause completely different views on the same thing. In life, to learn to understand such dialectics and accept a person, we must first learn to understand others with a tolerant heart; to accept a thing, we must learn to think with dialectical thinking. At any time, please listen to the opinions and suggestions of others, do not take them out of context, and should not use your own feelings and opinions to influence others.

The thought light of dialectics runs through the law of the development of things. We should use a dialectical point of view, to think, through the phenomenon to see the essence, so as to make a scientific judgment. Learning to treat problems dialectically, analyze problems and deal with problems is an important way to improve the ability of work and life.

(Author: Chen Jing)