[Original Article] 2019, Facing the Chaoyang



[Original Article] 2019, Facing the Chaoyang

The Spring Festival has passed, and the story of 2018 time will also be locked into the annual rings of time. The earth is not old, the sun shines, the new year, 2019, we set out to meet the rising sun!

This year, to the most important people in our lives, to those who care about us in our lives, to our parents, to our brothers and sisters. I remember that there is a saying, "True heroism is to love life after recognizing the truth of life." Then you know that when winter is coldest, the hope of spring is also stirring, and when people are most helpless, it is also the time when they are not very happy. The banner of life in wind, frost, rain and snow always needs us to have some fun in our bitterness. After a heart that always yearns for beauty, with our strength and efforts, we will lower our heads to carry it. This will eventually be a bowl of bitter soup before sweet.

The famous writer Yu Qiuyu once said that in this noisy world, we all need a place suitable for ourselves to place our souls. Oh! Can't help but wonder, then where will our souls stop? Where will our hearts end up? How many roads do we need to go in the future? But smile, more obviously, who will really tell the future?

Heart to zero, 2019, go lightly. Life has its ups and downs, and the days are bitter and sweet. The world will not stop her steps because of your exhaustion. Instead of worrying about the shortness of the years, the helplessness of life, and the misfortune of everything in this life, it is better to follow the footsteps of time in this fleeting years, watch the flowers bloom and fall of the four seasons, let the annual rings ripple in circles, and the heart rush to the sun tomorrow. In the long life gradually let oneself learn to please yourself, let oneself slowly fall in love with the most real yourself. Don't be discouraged, don't give up, face the rising sun, return a short-term goal, a simple wish, use your heart to grasp and perceive the hard-won beauty in this life, so that you can become stronger and better in the face of everything, so that you can boldly and strongly smile at the future life.

time will not be retrograde. 2019, the time of hope, the warm years, an unknown life, every day is also the best day of the year, every morning is also a beautiful beginning, similarly, every morning also means the pace of progress. 2019, summon up sail, into a new day; Full of ambition, striving for a new year. 2019, facing the morning sun, full of confidence, we set out bravely!

(Author: Zhou Liqun)