[Original Article] The reason why people can and believe in can



flash god, in lijiexun adverse drug reaction information specialist this job has been working for more than half a year. As a newcomer, he took over a brand-new job. From the beginning, he was at a loss and was in a hurry to do a good job. From a layman who just started from the ivory tower to now, he can finish his work independently. From the beginning, he panicked and now he slowly knows how to adjust his working state. From the beginning, he doubted himself to now, he believes that he can do it, I think I have begun to slowly transform from a cute new worker into a real social worker.

Last June, if someone applied for me with my 18-year-old annual work summary, I don't think I would have believed it was done by myself. As a newcomer and a graduate who has just left campus, we are always more skeptical than confident. In a brand-new position, there is no previous guide, as a company newcomer, no social experience, I can not help after the entry to ask myself, can I do this job? In October from the quality department took over the new job, my work has undergone tremendous changes. The huge workload of completing 9 "Regular Drug Safety Reports" in two and a half months almost overwhelmed me. When I gritted my teeth and finished the work at hand, pharmacovigilance ushered in a new round of reforms, and the National Bureau introduced New systems and new policies were issued, all product data need to be re-entered within one month, more than 80 approval number approval documents and supplementary documents need to be re-sorted, more than half of the original operation methods need to be broken and re-learned, enterprise adverse reaction case tables need to be established, compliance pharmacovigilance system documents need to be established, new adverse reaction related marketing contracts need to be drawn up, adverse reaction reporting and evaluation mode reform and a series of other innovations also made me stop and rest. of time. I think if the personnel told me to finish so much work at the time of recruitment, I might be out of this new position.

Yes, it seems that such a difficult job, such a heavy workload, what makes me bite my teeth and finish it all by myself? Looking back now, I think there should be no time to doubt, no time to doubt whether I can or not, I can only crustily skin of head and bite my teeth to finish the work at hand on time, because I have never doubted that I might not finish it, work overtime if I don't have enough time, find ways to find the best writing template to improve work efficiency if I don't have enough speed, and find colleagues and leaders to talk about heart adjustment if I don't have bad mentality, I have never been prepared to finish the work at hand. I have always believed from the bottom of my heart that I can complete all the tasks according to the time set by the National Bureau, so I did it.

A person's confidence is the basis for what he desires to become a reality. If I stop to doubt myself at that time, maybe I give up halfway. If I don't believe what I can do, how can life give me feedback? People's confidence is enough to make people realize what they want and what they have not seen.

There is a saying in psychology about the retinal effect that when people are different from others or have a certain characteristic, they are more likely than normal to notice whether others are like them. In other words, the world we see is closely related to our own choices. For example, pregnant women are more likely to find that other pregnant women in the crowd are the same. I always believe that I can do it, so I found myself and finished the work.

Gradually learn or cultivate this optimistic, positive, and confident attitude, and it will definitely make our lives better and better, because it is very important to face the twists and turns, difficulties, and tests of life. No matter what happens in life, we must learn to believe that this is good, helpful to us, or we can. This will not only bring us the opportunity to change ourselves positively, but also make us live a wonderful and happy life. Therefore, we should maintain an optimistic attitude and learn to believe in ourselves both in life and at work. Only when you are more confident and optimistic can you have the opportunity to see more opportunities. What you are willing to believe, life will often give you something back. This is why we believe that we can.

(Author: Marketing Department-Chen Jingyan)