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[Original Article] Feeling on

Ten million roads, safety first.

driving is not standard, relatives two lines of tears.

From the first day of the new year to the present, I was once brainwashed by these two sentences. When I watched "Wandering Earth" for the first time, I always had doubts. Why do such ordinary two sentences appear four times in the movie? It was not until recently that I had the opportunity to brush it twice that I realized that these two sentences may not only be joking jokes, but also a metaphor for the emotional line of this movie.

"The shell of the west, the core of the east", this is the evaluation given by many people after watching "Wandering Earth. I went to the cinema twice by some coincidence (not because of my love for sci-fi movies, in fact, the word "sci-fi movie" has no clear concept in my mind), and the feeling of watching it before and after was obviously different. For a person who does not have any knowledge of astrophysics, the terms such as "Roche limit", "Jupiter gravity" and "cosmic speed" in the film are even more confused. Therefore, when watching it for the first time, it is more just shocked by the spectacular scenes and imagination in the film. Until the second brush, it was more about the content of "going home", "hope" and "it is indeed a luxury to keep human beings sane forever" in the film.

went home, good.

The rhythm of the movie and the sublimation and release of each step of emotion are rare and just right. In the movie, more than one hero, everyone has weaknesses, and everyone has become a hero for the sake of his family. In order to get a place to live, Wu Jing plays the father to sacrifice himself in exchange for his son and father-in-law to go to the underground city identity; love the trend of happy grandfather in the disaster to pick up the baby girl, gave her his daughter's name-Han Duoduo; Liu Qi does not understand his father but at the last moment begged his father not to sacrifice ...... Scenes seem to be reasonable, but it is difficult to endure tears. At the end of the movie, a whale went ashore but was frozen on the ground. Someone told Liu Qi that it was because it had lost its way home.

In any case, the reverse flow has to go home.

In the film, there are not only father and son, but also friendship, brother and sister, and more family and national conditions. I am afraid that no country can be as obsessed with their hometown as the Chinese. No matter how difficult or dangerous it is, they must go home, return to their roots, and reunite their families.

Hope is the gold and diamond of this age, no matter how long we live, we will have it.

No matter where the final result leads human history, no matter whether the final result is the continuation of reincarnation or liberation, we choose hope. As the last words of the Russian astronauts said: "Ice will eventually turn into water." What we have to do is to have hope, because "hope" is something as precious as diamonds in this era. The background of faith is actually hope.

It is indeed a luxury to keep human beings sane forever.

The reason why human beings have continued their history and civilization for thousands of years is that many people have made abnormal logical choices at critical time nodes. Some of them sacrificed their ego without hesitation and wrote hymns of human civilization with their own blood and lives when the annual rings of history rolled over. Some still have great hope and courage to embrace the ending in despair. These stories were later called epic.

It is these hymns and epics that ignite the dawn of hope for mankind.

(Author: Li Linhua)