[original article] light is not the sun's patent



[original article] light is not the sun's patent

Madame Curie said: "To believe in yourself is to be 'confident', that is, to face difficulties, setbacks and new challenges, don't be convinced or timid. In the face of difficulties, setbacks and challenges, as long as you are willing to believe in yourself and continue to work hard, even if your current life is from scratch, you can do it."

Once I read this story in a magazine:

When she was 12 years old, a fire in her home burned her right leg and right hand and had to be sawed off under severe infection. From then on, she dropped out of school and began to step into a gloomy life. The first is her inability to stand, and then her inability to face the ridicule of society and learn to live independently. From then on, she locked herself at home, ignored anyone, and even thought of suicide when she was sad.

was found by her father when she was about to swallow a bottle of sleeping pills. After snatching the sleeping pills from her, her father roared and dropped a sentence: Don't be afraid that your life will end, you should worry that your life will never really begin. The most terrible enemy, is not strong faith! Society will not laugh at those who climb on the ground, but those who do not want to step on the coward! Do you understand!

Father's words deeply hurt her. From then on, she endured the severe pain caused by crutches and learned to walk on crutches. She moved step by step from the dark room to the sun and slowly learned to take care of herself. Faith, faith, planted seeds in her mutilated body.

In a twinkling of an eye, she passed her 20th birthday. Her father asked her to learn tailoring skills and open a tailoring shop in the future, hoping that she could survive alone, start a family like a normal person and have children.

In the face of new life challenges, she has no bottom in her heart. Tailoring is a craft job, can she do it well with only her left foot and left hand? This time my father did not growl, but patted her gently on the shoulder: "Victory will not come to us, we must go to victory by ourselves. Facing the challenges of life, don't be timid, have confidence!"

She finally has her own tailor shop, but the business was deserted at first, and no one wanted to believe that a crippled woman could make beautiful clothes.

But this time she defeated herself. In the most helpless and disappointed days, she wrote this in her diary: "Believe in yourself first, then others will believe you. You have to believe in your own craftsmanship, keep making progress, and conform to people's vision and social trends, so that more people are willing to believe in the clothes you make. There are still customers behind customers, and there will always be a day to make money."

After reading her story, I was shocked.

Suffering is merciless. Even if you are a nobleman, you will encounter merciless suffering and setbacks in life. On the road of life, in any case, we can't avoid the difficulties of reality. Career and love are not always smooth sailing, and family and study have no real wishes. However, as long as you don't shirk, don't be timid, keep your confidence full, keep a good attitude and vigorous energy, and work hard, you will surely know that "luminescence is not the patent of the sun, you can also shine."

(Author: Jiang Renfu)