[Original article] One thing is exquisite and touching enough.



[Original article] One thing is exquisite and touching enough.

The ancients said: "If one thing is exquisite, it can move people."

One thing can be exquisite enough to make people shocked and sigh.

In ancient times, there was a doctor whose daughter was born like a flower.

When the daughter reached the age of waiting for marriage, there was an endless stream of suitors, including the official young master and the son of a wealthy businessman, but none of the doctors missed each other. In the end, the doctor betrothed his daughter to a small apprentice.

The wife asked inexplicably, "What's so good about this little apprentice? He has been in the door for three years, and he doesn't know anything. What do you like about him?" Langzhong smiled without answering.

Later, the apprentice got the true biography of his father-in-law and became a famous doctor.

The wife asked the doctor, "How did you know that the child would be promising at the beginning?"

The doctor said, "I noticed that he has been polishing the lampshade very brightly for three years. A person can wipe the lampshade in front of the hall with all his heart and no regrets for three years. Is it not trustworthy? One thing is exquisite and touching enough!"

Ji Xiaolan of Qing Dynasty said: "The heart is in an art, and its art must be worked. The heart is in one position, and one's job must be held."

Life is short, and the years are running fast. As a person standing between heaven and earth, if you can make every effort to make your work exquisite and perfect in the limited time, even if the work you do is insignificant, you can also be recognized and praised, so as to achieve a career and realize the value of life.

feet are short and inches are long.

A person can only have talent and ability in one aspect. If you want to do this, you also want to do it. After all, people's time and energy are limited. I'm afraid you'll end up with nothing and grow old with regret!

It's wise to focus on what you can do knowing that you can't do something.

Pour your life's time and energy, your life's ability and wisdom, your life's persistence and pursuit, don't be discouraged, don't give up, even if you only do one thing to the extreme, you can surpass your dreams and achieve glory.

Zhuangzi said: "If you are not sincere, you cannot move people."

If a person is not serious and focused, it is impossible to do a good job, let alone move people.

Only love and persistence can make a thing extremely beautiful. This is the crystallization of wisdom and the source of wisdom.

Because of our impetuous heart, no one can be perfect in life, and people always forgive and indulge themselves easily.

It's not that you and I are not good enough, but because we always face too many choices and don't know where to stop and exert our strength. As a result, nothing is achieved.

The excitement in the crowd does not belong to you in the end. It is better to dance solo in your own world and place your heart here.

is exquisite enough to move.

Every detail of life does not allow us to neglect. Delicate life begins with the calm of the present and doing well what is at hand.

(Author: Chen Ying)