[Original article] The true meaning of persistence



[Original article] The true meaning of persistence

Mao Lilan said: "Not because I am persistent, but because you are worth it." But if there is no persistence, which can have that precious worth. Suddenly looking back, only more than: "like this star is not last night, for whom the wind dew in the middle of the night" feeling. Therefore, the most precious thing in life is not Yan Ruyu and the golden house, but the unswerving persistence.

People always say: "If you eat bitter, you will be human." Persistence is often the easiest thing to think of is the hardship of the process and the unknown result, but in fact, people who are really persistent for their dreams are happy. They are happy in the persistent pursuit. Regardless of the result, they are already a winner. Only those who can truly appreciate this persistent happiness can achieve ultimate success.

The well-known Li Shizhen tasted Baicao and finally set up the masterpiece Compendium of Materia Medica. The hardship of tasting all kinds of herbs is self-evident, but we can imagine that he was happiest when he learned the medicinal properties of an herbal medicine after tasting the hardships every time he climbed over the mountains.

He must have taken this pleasure, not the burden of pain, to explore another herb. Therefore, persistence is precious, and what is more precious is to obtain happiness in the process of persistence.

In fact, the happiness in persistence is not as far away as Li Shizhen's taste of Baicao. In every happy family, parents have that persistent happiness.

In every school, every teacher has that persistent happiness;

In society, everyone who carries dreams, carries love and pursues persistently has that happiness.

Therefore, if you are still disheartened by your temporary disappointment, you are still deterred by the hardships and long journey of your dream. So, please learn to find happiness in the persistence, feel happy. Perhaps it is just a trivial moss flower, not as successful as the final flowers, but it is the sweet spring of all hardships and hardships on the road to cure persistence, and it is the true meaning of persistence.

Author: Wei Lirong